17 September 2020

CC20 - Day 4

This will be a short one, I'm super tired, have to fight some weird bugs in my hotel room and are on the verge of packing up and go some place else.

Today was probably the last day of riding in areas I've been before with a motorcycle when Andrea and I were on our trip in 2013. 

The route took me from Cedar City along Cedar Breaks East to Bryce Canyon and on to Grand Staircase Escalante, through Capitol Reef and to Monticello, UT. 

Red Canyon – on the way to Bryce

Bryce Canyon

It was an interesting day, temperatures ranged from 10C/50F to 36C/97F. The afternoon was tough again due to heat and not having slept well the night before. We'll see how it goes today.

And it's important to be fully alert at all times since you never know what awaits you around the next corner:

Sheep ...

I had ample time to stop and it wasn't a problem getting through. 

Beautiful Nature in Utah

More "Red Stone"

And some straight boring stretches as well

At some point in time I had to stop, be in the shade for a while, eat a granola bar and just relax. The day was long enough to take a few breaks and about an hour before I arrived at my destination, I really needed that break.

Overall, it was a beautiful ride. Especially Capitol Reef was mesmerizing. Southern Utah is definitely beautiful. I did ride into Bryce Canyon National Park, but didn't do any of the other parks here since we stopped for them in 2013 and my goal was "East" ...

Day 4


  1. "Boring stretch"? - No, it's perfectly meditative. :-)

  2. So glad you were able to manage those additional 166 mi to the new hotel after that other place had presented you with a bed bugs-infested room. Yikes! Sometimes the "fun" of traveling. ...

    1. Yep, made it there, safe and sound and thanks to the heated jacket I wasn't even cold. Just legs and feet were a bit cold.

  3. Yikes! Bedbugs kenne ich zwar nur aus den USA, trotzdem ist ein Kufa-Schlafsack mein ständiger Begleiter, wenn ich in fremden (günstigen) Betten nächtige. Die Bilder könnten aus einem Reiseprospekt für USA Trips stammen. Schön!

  4. Gute Idee. Guido und ich haben auf unseren Reisen auch immer leichte Daunenschlafsäcke dabei. Guidos ist von Sea to Summit, meiner von REI und hat mir bereits auf meiner US Tour 2014 beste Dienste geleistet. Hilft vor allem dabei, das "Lappengefutze" in den US Hotelbetten zu umgehen. :-)