13 September 2020

Cross-Country 2020 (CC20)

Long time, no posts. Now the time has come for another series over the next few weeks – a cross-country trip from the West Coast (California) to the East Coast (Virginia, the Carolinas, maybe New York if I can fit it in).

Over the last few weeks I've been preparing my motorcycle for a long trip, making it more comfortable, adding luggage options, a case for camera gear, riding it, getting used to it, trying the various changes I made, going on a California, Oregon, Washington trip with Andrea in August, just before the fires broke out here. 

The bike has morphed quite a bit, from the day I picked it up:

BMW R1250GS – First Day when picking it up

To how I rode it on the trip with Andrea:

BMW R1250GS – close to how it looks now

Here, I don't want to go into details, I will add a page about the various additions and changes I made like it I had for my old GS. The original bike felt (and was) smaller and lighter, but as it is today, it is much more comfortable and ready for the roughly 9000 miles I'm planning over the next weeks.

I will try to write entries here, maybe not every day, but often enough, about where I am, where I'm headed and adding photos and stories about the journey.

If you're interested, stay tuned and check back often!


  1. I'll try to be good about documenting this ride!

  2. Finally... on the road again. Good luck, Guido and keep the shiny side up. I'll be looking forward to your road reports.

    Hätte ich das jetzt in Deutsch schreiben sollen? Irgendwie liefen mir die englischen Worte besser aus den Fingern ;-) Alles Gute und LG Sonja