18 September 2020

CC20 - Day 5

After yesterday's late night dash to Grand Junction, I decided to take it really easy today. I only arrived at the hotel around 2AM in the morning and it then took me a bit to get my stuff sorted again after I packed in a hurry in the previous hotel. I also had to pack some wet clothing I had washed just a few hours before. 

I went to bed before planning today, only knew that I didn't want to set an alarm and still arrive rather early today to have a decent dinner and some time for my typical housekeeping. 

The route today was a bit to offset the ride yesterday night: under 200 miles and a lot of curves. I needed some mental relaxation and that worked quite well:

Day 5 Route
 Dinner tonight:

Keeping it at least somewhat healthy

When I arrived, the hotel staff directed me to the "motorcycle landing pad" for parking:

Parked smack in the middle

Yes, this is how they wanted me to park since the sprinklers come on at night and won't reach the bike if it's parked in the middle of the concrete pad. 

Now, on to planning tomorrow, more curvy routes and a general direction of North East.


  1. Sehr rücksichtsvoll vom Hotelpersonal, so ein Mopped ist ja auch aus Zucker ;-)

  2. Wunderschönes Herbstbild, erinnert mich ein wenig an Calgary...

  3. Wie, mein Motorrad ist NICHT aus Zucker? Bisher hat es noch keinen Regen gesehen, ich weiß es also noch nicht.