21 September 2020

CC20 - Day 8

It was a short day today since I didn't want to plan too much with the cut I have on my right hand. I didn't know whether I could stand riding, but it worked out okay and I'm going to keep moving tomorrow.

Today I rode some very nice roads in the Black Hills, Custer State Park, around Mount Rushmore and so on. It all started out in a motel in Lusk, Wyoming, where I saw something I didn't think I'd see again:

"Back to the Future" on an old TV

The hotel was old, but very clean and nice enough for a night. This morning I "glued" the cut on my right hand again with "Liquid Bandaid", basically like a super glue with an antiseptic component in it. For riding I put an additional normal band aid on top and it worked out okay.

Cut from the Headlight Protector

I had some discomfort and pain today, but it wasn't too bad. Didn't hold me back much and I hope that it'll heal fast. It's not a long cut, just deep.

Rode into South Dakota today:

South Dakota

There I enjoyed riding some very beautiful parks, see route below. The state parks were great, Needles Parkway, is really enjoyable. The main problem there are the speed limits (25mph or 40km/h) and the cars going even slower. It was an exercise in slow riding, going around a hairpin turn at around 3mph was ... interesting. As soon as I left Needles I also left most of the tourists behind and went back to normal riding. 

So, visiting the parks for the nature is absolutely worth it, it's very beautiful. Visiting them for the nice twisty roads might not work out, which was okay for me, since I wasn't in a hurry. 

Bisons in Wind Cave State Park

Needles, South Dakota


I also rode past Mt. Rushmore and actually did something Andrea and I were always laughing about since we saw a presentation by Iron Butt rider Steve McCaa about Long Distance Riding: he said he's the type of rider who just keeps going, saying "Hey, there's Mt. Rushmore" while zipping past ... did exactly that today. When I saw the people there, the logistics for parking etc, I didn't want to stop and instead rode to one of the viewpoints where you can see Mt Rushmore in the distance. I have no long lens with me on this trip, so the phone with the "tele" setting was the best I could do.

Mt. Rushmore in the distance

From there I rode backroads to Rapid City and checked in for the night.

It was a nice contrast to yesterday's ride.

Route Day 8

I'm still figuring out how to create the route picture for the day in the simplest way for me that is still acceptable looking. I'll keep playing with it, but if you like a specific style more than others, let me know.


  1. Puh, so happy that you had a pleasant riding day today! I enjoyed checking out Mt. Rushmore, taking the short hike along the monument and reading about those four presidents on my 2014 trip. I also did not mind the parking fee, but it seems like they are charging the same $10 fee for a motorcycle as well? Hmpf, not ok.

    1. I have to admit that I also just wasn't in the mood to "secure the bike" – take all electronics off, lock all cases, carry the tank bag, jacket, a camera, ... I was enjoying the ride and didn't want to interrupt it in this way.

  2. Ich hatte irgendwie nie das Bedürfnis, diese Sehenswürdigkeit zu besuchen und finde, Du hast das genau richtig gemacht ;-)

  3. who wants to see mountains defaced with gigantic carvings anyway