19 September 2020

CC20 - Day 6, Snowmass, CO to Fort Collins, CO

Since today was one of the days where I had the chance of riding some curvy roads, I planned a super nice route from Snowmass, CO (yes, that's really the name) to Fort Collins, CO.

Focus was "curvy" and a general direction of North East. First I rode through Aspen and over Independence Pass:

Independence Pass

It was a beautiful ride up there, not too much traffic and a dry and clean roads. I came through some really beautiful country.

And fall colors are in full effect here already:

Fall Colors in Colorado

My original plan was to ride through the Rocky Mountains National Park. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that the park requires a timed reservation to even drive through. Hmpf. So, I changed my plan and since I had to make a 120km detour, I tried to make the best of it:

Different maps style today since Google Maps didn't let me create the route I actually rode for some reason. This is a map from the planning software I use, Rever

Also, something I realized later – the part that has the "3" marker on it is part of the "Top of the Rockies Scenic Byway", a route I had on my my bucket list of "Roads to Ride" for a while. It really is beautiful and majestic. Well worth it!

The day took me about 1.5 hours longer than planned, but I definitely had some fun on 119 and 72. I rode about 650km / ~400 Miles today, about 130km more than originally planned.


  1. For sure it can be annoying to be confronted with a change of plans and to have to make a 120km detour. As a result you rode a beautiful road twice, which is not the most terrible outcome. ;-)

    1. Overall this was one of the better days so far. Some really nice roads and while the detour was long, I still made in time to get a decent meal and do my "chores".