20 September 2020

CC20 – Smoke following me or ...?

And I thought, I'd get out of the smoke:

Smoke over the US, today

My route so far ...

I actually do notice that my nasal passages are getting more irritated by the day. It might have been the dry air in Nevada and Utah, but it should have gotten better over the last two days. Nope, got worse. It's not too bad right now and I hoped it would get better the more I left the West Coast area, but that plume seems to "follow" me around ...


  1. Das sieht ja echt übel aus. Wenn ich könnte, würde ich Dir ein wenig frische Nordseeluft hinüberschicken... Grüße vom Deich!

    1. Es sieht echt so aus, als würde ich diese Luft vor mir her treiben ...