22 September 2020

CC20 - Day 9

The motto today was "hauling ass" ... ;-)

Donkeys along the road

Or, "getting across a large chunk of the flat area". I rode from Rapid City, South Dakota, to St. Cloud, Minnesota. Since this was a ride that had nothing interesting in it as you can see in the map below, there isn't much to say. 

Just over 500 miles, lots of bugs, boring roads. I had an audio book on the phone which I had already read in paper form, so was listening a little bit, but didn't need to focus in any way on it. It helped getting through an otherwise rather boring day.

Bugs ...

The photo of the headlight protector was taken about halfway during the ride today, you can imagine how it looked like in the evening ... I cleaned it again, this time without injuring myself.

Route today:

Boring route today

There wasn't a single real curve in the ride today, if something looks curvy in the screenshot above, that's only because the scale is so large that Google Maps already started shaping it into globe shape ... 

Okay, on to planning tomorrow.


  1. Sieht nicht so spannend aus, aber da muss man dann wohl durch! Weiterhin gute und sichere Fahrt. Das Wetter scheint ja noch mitzuspielen.

    1. Ja, das ist noch eine der schnelleren Verbindungen über uninteressante Strecken. Ich wollte halt auch nach Duluth (zu Aerostitch) und auf dem Heimweg die Südroute nehmen – wenn die Wirbelstürme hoffentlich durch sind.