20 September 2020

CC20 - Day 7

Somehow this tour is not under the best omen, I think. Today I tried to do a nice route before heading North and through Wyoming. I researched the route and avoided the closure on 14, but my alternative route was closed as well, open to residential traffic only, and I had to turn North towards Laramie. 

Now, on 287 from Northern Colorado to my destination in Wyoming today, it was one of the most miserable rides I can remember. The side winds had me sit nearly next to the bike, my right knee on the crashbar, looking over my right mirror, just to get out of the wind and noise a little bit. I remember days on end riding in rain, sleet, cold, miserable heat – you name it, but for me personally, strong side winds are the about the worst, since I absolutely can't stand the noise, I have enough hearing issues already, I didn't need that today.

To top it of, I cut myself while cleaning the bike from bugs. I should have either shipped the low quality headlight protector back or gotten a different one to start with. The one I bought, an AltRider lexan headlight guard, looks like it was cut by a five year old with a jigsaw. But since it arrived just a few days before I left I installed it, only to give myself a really deep cut on my right hand today in a place that will definitely hurt badly with gloves. 

We'll see how it goes.

Today, there was nothing worth taking photos of, so here's just the route, this time with a track from my satellite tracker (Spot):


  1. Oh je, das hört sich nach einem dieser Tage an... gute Besserung und pass auf, dass Du Dir keine Blutvergiftung einfängst. Roland hatte kürzlich dieses Vergnügen, als er sich beim Montieren des Fahrrades auf dem Fahrradträger an der Kette verletzte...

    1. Yep, einer dieser Tage. Heute war sehr viel besser.