15 September 2020

CC20 - Day 2

Another day to get out of California, away from the fires and smoke. I rode from Ridgecrest, CA to Henderson, NV. Henderson is South of Las Vegas, about 450km overall. The hotels there are better, cheaper and much more relaxed, plus we have stayed in this one before and I had an idea how it would be.

I took a route through Death Valley, and although most of it was rather boring and straight, there were some fun bits in there as well.

Route for Day 2

Especially the part that ends on 190 was fun. Some gravel passages and some twisty bits. This is still part of getting out of the areas I already know quite well, I have crossed Death Valley many times on the motorcycle, therefore I hadn't planned exciting routes, just a way to get out of California that wasn't a freeway blast.

Temperature was an okay 42C/108F in Death Valley, I poured some water over my base layer and into the arms of my GoreTex jacket and then controlled the temperature via ventilation. It was quite okay. 

Burros crossing ... ;-)

And yes, they did cross. Not quite in front of me, but they seemed to have used the road as a toilet rather often ... there were some signs of that. Plus I saw a few in the distant hills.

Boring stretches.

And I was wondering why my water was gone so fast!

I easily had 3L of water during the ride today. Even though my temperature regulation measures worked quite well, I was going through the water fast.

Entering Nevada

I arrived early today and will hopefully have a better night than last where an overly loud AC system kept me awake. The AC here in the hotel isn't quiet either, but I still hope I can get some more sleep.

Tomorrow morning I'll visit the Las Vegas BMW Motorcycle dealer and try to convince them to sell me a cover for the GPS mount when no GPS is in there. I take mine to the room each night and forgot the cover at home. Don't want it to sit like this when I might get rain. Not a problem right now, but during the trip it will likely happen.


  1. Du hast einen blinden Passagier an Bord. Kein Wunder, Dein Mopped ist so schwer ;-)

    1. Wohl wahr ... daf├╝r bin ich dann nicht allein.