23 September 2020

CC20 - Day 10

Again, not really an exciting day. I rode from St. Cloud to Duluth – at the Western tip of the Great Lakes. Pretty much straight roads and there just wasn't any alternative route to make it more interesting. 

The forest is beautiful though, especially now with fall coming.

Fall Colors

In Duluth I visited Aerostitch to finally find out what size of Roadcrafter Classic I could possibly wear. Interesting enough, a short version, but with adjustments for longer arms and legs was the best fit. Short, since the torso is shorter as well. Will have to think about it, especially since the Klim Hardanger fits better without any adjustments, the downside is that it doesn't have a lined interior, which I would like to have, that's why I'm most interested in the Roadcrafter Classic.

Aerostitch in Duluth

Since Duluth didn't inspire me to stay, I moved on to Eau Claire in Wisconsin. Not that it's that much more interesting here, but it brought be about 220km South and I hope to avoid part of the thunderstorms that were in the forecast for Duluth. 

I will stay here for two nights and take a break from riding for various reasons: relax my ears for a day, not using ear plugs, relax the rest of my body, and maybe avoid some of the rain. Plus I have an interview tomorrow and it's much easier when I'm not riding on that day.

On Friday I will start moving South East.

Route Day 10


  1. Ha! I'm proud of you that you made it to Aerostich at Duluth. How many times did we speak about this - You finally finding the right size of the Roadcrafter suit for you. Especially after I had ordered one a few years ago when Aerostich was touring our area with a small crew and a bunch of suits to try. My body seems much more standard, hence no big deal to fit a suit for me. I love it. It's super practical when commuting to work. Not that I do this much these days, but ...

    1. Yeah, for commute or a quick local ride it's awesome, but I think for a tour like the one I'm on right now, a two piece suit is more practical. Will have to see. It's a serious investment and I'm not even 100% sure on the leg length, since I might want to use it with lower boots as well ... so three adjustments: longer arms, longer legs, more room in the shoulders / arm opening. Gets expensive.

  2. War ja klar, dass Du bei Aerostich vorbei schauen musstest ;-)

    Wenn möglich, schau doch mal bitte, ob Du noch ein paar schöne Herbstbilder einfangen kannst. Ich liebe den "Indian Summer".

    1. Werde schauen, was ich tun kann. Ich mag Aerostitch, weil Sie lokal fertigen und gutes Zeug herstellen. Leider sind deren Sachen mehr auf die Figuren der "normalen" BMW Fahrer geschnitten, also auch wenn ich jetzt eine Größe weiß, die mir passt, heißt das leider nicht, dass der Anzug brauchbar sitzt. Da geht für mich einfach nichts über Stadler, aber so ein einteiliger Strampelanzug ist ja auch anders ausgelegt.