24 September 2020

CC20 - Day 11

Nothing to report today, I took a day off while staying in Eau Claire, WI. Took the time to wash clothes, repack some of my gear a bit better and generally just relax.

Will do an interview about a possible role later today, then have dinner.

Tomorrow I'll take the curviest route South I can find (not much there), on Saturday I should be in the Cincinnati area. 

One of the things I did today was making an appointment to get a new rear tire next week Saturday. I will have seven days of riding, six of them on curvy roads. I might still have some life left in the tire by then, but it was the day that fit my schedule best.


  1. Have fun doing those curvy trails! :-)

    1. ;-)

      I will! I need to scrub these tires again, they've been getting squared off. Another 1500 to 2000 miles and they're likely done. So my tire appointment will hopefully come just in time – and on the way home I can take a selection of the best roads again on round tires.