25 September 2020

CC20 - Day 12

After taking a break for a day I was refreshed and happy to move on again. I have to admit that I timed the "break day" with a rainy day, but it made sense anyways. 

Today I went South, partly along the Mississippi river, mostly through back country. The vegetation and weather reminded me a lot of Germany – it was lush, warm, and humid.


Mississippi River

Backroad Riding

It wasn't the most exciting riding, but at least it was mostly backroads and some curves. 

Day 12 Route

Tomorrow will be a more boring day which will take me somewhere in the area of Indianapolis or Cincinnati.


  1. Annette says "Hi" and recommends that you should not miss out on visiting Michigan and traveling at least a bit along the boarder of Lake Michigan! :-)

    1. It's quite a bit out of the way, so this will have to wait for another time.

  2. Was mir dazu einfällt: You are a mile eater ;-)

    1. Not really, if I were, I would enjoy the day with many miles, instead I enjoy the days with many curvy roads. The tighter and curvier the better.