14 September 2020

CC20 – Day 1

Packed everything up nicely yesterday and today it was mostly just getting on the road. Everything from the photo before is packed in here:

All packed into Luggage Liners

I weighed the liners, they were 7.1kg (left side case) and 5.5kg (right side case), so with the tripod on the right side it turns out to be just right. The bike feels balanced, although it is a bit heavy ...

Side cases took the liners, camera gear in black case behind the seat.

Then it was time to go ...

Ready to leave

I didn't go all that far today, Sunnyvale to Ridgecrest. I had to re-plan my route due to the fires in California and Oregon, so I'm taking a route that I have done a few times before to get out of California and then through Nevada. 

This was today:

Click for a larger view

I arrived shortly before 6pm, had some dinner and now I'm about to plan the route for tomorrow. Again, since I'm taking it a bit slower for the first few days, I'm just headed to Las Vegas, but at least I can try to find a nice route.


  1. Fast 600 km am ersten Tag? Hast wohl direkt in den Get-the-hell-out-of-Dodge Modus geschaltet ;-)

    1. Über die nächsten vier Wochen werde ich wohl zwischen 450 und 500km pro Tag im Durchschnitt haben. Ansonsten komme ich nicht wieder nach Hause ... ;-) Geplant sind fast 15.000km

    2. Da hast Du Dir ja was vorgenommen!

    3. Anders klappt es nicht, wenn ich bis zur anderen Küste will.