26 September 2020

CC20 - Day 13

Today was another "just get there" day. The reason is in the map below:

Day 13 Route

The colored lines/areas are roads that are marked as "nice to ride" in the web application Rever. They represent roads labeled with G1 (Yellow, Excellent), G2 (Red, Very Good), and G3 (Orange, Good) – rating them on how nice they are to ride on a motorcycle.

Now, as you can see, between Rockford, IL und Cincinnati, OH, there is nothing mentioned. I thought about stopping in Indianapolis at the race track, but since I got a late start this morning, I just kept on going. The yellow/orange/red blob to the East of the "F" marker in Cincinnati is what I came to ride. Therefore, it wasn't worth spending more time getting here, instead I rather have a bit more time from tomorrow on. I'll ride into the nice area tomorrow and spend a week riding super nice roads, first South and then North to the Washington, DC, area. Then back South again to turn West and head home ... we'll see how this plan works out over the next few days. 

Stay tuned ...


  1. Yeah, looks exciting. Have fun! I wish I could be riding with you! :-) Well, next time. Had my bike out for a ride today as well and enjoyed it a lot.

    1. It was a lot of fun so far today. About halfway to the next destination. I wish you were here as well.