18 October 2020

CC20 - Day 35 – Back Home

Today was the last day of my cross-country ride. Sunnyvale to the East Coast and back. It was a great trip! Yesterday I met up with Andrea and we rode the last section together. Along the Pacific Coast Highway from Santa Maria to Sunnyvale, CA.

California Backroads, near Paso Robles

We started with a nice section going from Paso Robles to Cambria. Then on Highway 1 along the coast. Weather was like it so often is along the coast:

Fog along PCH

It was foggy and wet most of the way close to the ocean. Whenever we were more inland, it was sunny and warm. 

A short stop along the way

Fog rolls in

A few hours later we reached our home, from where I had left exactly five weeks ago.

Back home

My route took me 15.430km or 9588 miles across the country. One rear tire change, one service (12k miles), thousands of splattered bugs, lots of curvy roads, endless miles across straight roads, long days, interesting days, and countless memories! 

CC20 - The Full Route

Proof ...

Home, Sweet Home

And here's the last route picture. Day 35, fives weeks after leaving.

Route Day 35


  1. Woohoo Guido! I'm so proud of you and sooo happy that you are back safe and sound!!!

  2. Toller Trip, danke für's virtuelle Mitnehmen. Andrea ist sicherlich froh, dass Du wieder sicher und gesund zuhause angekommen bist.

    Oh nein, Dein Mopped ist ganz schmutzig, jetzt musst Du wohl ein Neues kaufen ;-)

  3. Argl, Sonja! Bring ihn nicht auf dumme Ideen!

  4. aber wirklich ;) die maschine hat sich doch gut bewährt 👍🏻
    herzlich willkommen zuhause 😌

    1. Das hat sie wirklich. Bis darauf, dass ich an meinem langen Tag 6x getankt habe, war eigentlich alles prima.

    2. Na, wärst Du nicht so lange gefahren, hättest Du die Maschine auch nicht so oft tanken müssen. ... ;-)