16 May 2022

How to register a Patriot Camper Trailer in California

If you want to buy a camper trailer out of state and are wondering what to do about registering it in California, here are the steps:

  • Pick up from out of state – obviously ...
  • Fill out Reg 343 for California's "Application for Title or Registration", a Patriot Camper trailer is considered a "trailer coach", get the rest from the paperwork. Fill this form out at home, that'll make the person at the DMV much happier, but don't sign at home, sign it at the DMV, don't know whether this is necessary, we've did it this way).
  • Go to your preferred DMV (tip: check Google for one that has decent reviews in your area, you don't have to go to the closest one).
  • Have the trailer inspected (they check VIN, size, other data against the paperwork you get when buying the trailer).
  • Sign the paperwork when and where they tell you.
  • Ask to get a title in your name.
  • Pay sales/use tax.
  • Done!

It was actually a super simple process, we were concerned  about the various different forms floating around, but it was quick and painless. 

Picking up our new trailer


  1. Your Blog... it's alive! ;-) Where will your adventure mobile be taking you, I wonder?

    1. If we are lucky, all over the place. And the blog is somewhat alive – whenever there is something worthwhile to write about ...