04 October 2020

CC20 - Day 21

My skill at finding donkey trails came forward again ... my routing led me over some very nice backroads again, some of them unpaved, for whatever reason. 

Some miles unpaved roads, no problems

And with donkey trail, I mean donkey trail:

Donkeys along the backroads

I saw donkeys multiple times today, stopped for these ... they were a bit careful at first, but then came closer and let me scratch their little ears. 

Nice backroads

At some point I ended up on Blue Ridge Parkway again, but just a few miles later it was close and I had to switch to a detour. Since I didn't know for how far the Parkway was closed, I decided to just take the fastest route to the hotel I had booked. Wasn't an issue, since I had already done about 3/4 of the way today.

Day 21 Route

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  1. That looks gorgeous! And the donkeys with their little-bitty ears, too. :-)