05 October 2020

CC20 - Day 22

On a cross-country trip I really had to go to the coast, there was no way around it. So I bit the bullet and rode the roughly 200 miles of rather boring roads to the coast at Virginia Beach, VA. It took me just over three weeks to ride this:

Sunnyvale, CA to Virginia Beach, VA

So far it has been an awesome trip. Some problems (ears, cuts), but overall it was an enjoyable, fun, just great motorcycle trip. 

Virginia Beach, VA

It was great to see the ocean again. I just love sitting on the beach and staring at the water. And leaving my mark:


Virginia Beach is a VERY touristy place. Touristy in the meaning of "cheap tourism". Right now, most of the restaurants are closed, but when looking at the selection and the feedback on them, it becomes very clear what type of location it is. Didn't matter to me, I just needed a destination close not too far away from my last in Lynchburg. 

Since it's out of season right now, I was able to find a reasonable deal on a nice Bed & Breakfast place, where I got my first decent coffee in three weeks:


It was about time ...

The route today was really just to get me here:

Day 22 Route


  1. Küste zu Küste. Das waren aber eine Menge Meilen, nur um mal wieder einen ordentlichen Kaffee zu trinken ;-)

    1. Was tut man nicht alles für einen guten Kaffee.