01 October 2020

CC20 - Day 18

Since my ears are still giving me some trouble with the ear plugs, I'm riding shorter days and take more breaks. I need to get this settled before I start my journey back to California. I might waste some of the rear tire tread, since I had the appointment planned for about 1000 miles more, but it is what it is now. I'm better off riding less and getting better. 

Regarding the ear plugs, I'm switching back and forth between NoNoise re-usable plugs and Howard Leight Max Foam plugs, both have their advantages and downsides, although I think I have actually less issues with the re-usable ones right now.

Today I rode from Knoxville, Tennessee to Asheville, North Carolina via Little River Gorge and Route 441 as well as a short part of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Again, some of the roads were very busy, Little River Gorge was pretty much one continuous traffic jam ... It got better on 441 and even Blue Ridge Parkway was much better. So far, I can only say the roads here are great, but riding them is a lot less fun than it could be. Great nature, but it would be better enjoyed from something inherently boring ... 

Along Blue Ridge Parkway

So far, so good. 

Tomorrow I'm thinking of taking a closer look at Asheville itself. Basically take an Uber or Lyft ride into town and walk around a bit with a camera. So, likely no riding tomorrow.

Route from today:

Day 18 Route

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