31 October 2014

Across the U.S., Day 25 - Savannah (GA)

In order to prevent parking or driving hassles in a tight city like Savannah, I took the "Old Town Trolley Tour" which also does pickups from the hotel. Normally, I'm not a big fan of such tours. I prefer to explore by myself and am not afraid of walking, but for Savannah it seamed to be a good idea.

While Atlanta was burned by General Sherman's Union troops during their "March to the Sea", Savannah was spared from destruction. It was instead given to President Lincoln as a Christmas gift including several hundred cotton bales. Lincoln accepted; the cotton bales probably tipped the scales.

Savannah is Georgia's oldest city and was established in 1733 to create a protective territory for the Carolinas, located between Florida (Spanish) and Louisiana (French). It became a flourishing port with shipping cotton, tobacco and other goods. Thanks to the Historic Savannah Foundation - launched by seven women in 1955 -, Savannah's charm now attracts several million visitors each year. My favorite part of downtown is the Victorian Historic District:

Savannah is also setting for novels (for example "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" by John Berendt) and many movies, such as "Something to talk about" with Julia Roberts and "Forrest Gump". Tom Hanks' "park bench" scene, which opens the film was produced on Chippewa Square. According to the tour guide, the original bench got vandalized 15 years ago and removed.

Savannah's Historic District is one of the largest - or as claimed by the tour guide - "the" largest of its kind in the U.S.

Temple Mickve Israel, third-oldest synagogue in America

Break time

Sometimes, my sneaky picture taking does not remain unrecognized.

On my way back to the hotel I talked to a black gentleman who grew up in Savannah. In his opinion, the city has not necessarily developed to its best the last couple of years. People have become crazier and a lot more selfish. Isn't this the typical process of our urban society? When ask for his opinion about the current government, he only shook his head and expressed his disappointment.

He was one of the many who could not quite believe that I am doing this journey just by myself. We both agreed that the most important is to follow ones gut feeling when it comes to shady situations.

Happy Halloween to y'all!

More to come.


  1. Looks like the ladies are having fun. Good for them! Savannah looks nice, but a little too Disney for my taste.

  2. Ooops, indeed you got caught a few times. What did you say to the man with the hat after you took your shot?

    I love beautifully restored Victorian mansions, especially when they come with a quaint front yard like in Cape May, NJ. But Savannah also is a "must see-destination" to me.

    1. I just laughed and waved and he laughed back. They were Halloweeners and he did not mind! Certainly took it as a complement. :-)

      Those Victorian mansions are beautiful when well maintained, yes. I saw some sad looking ones today in Eastern Savannah. And lots of termite extinction services. Those wooden house require a lot of work. Savannah is certainly a beautiful city, but in my opinion cannot at all compete with Charleston! Lucky for you, you are not that far from either.

    2. And I have another cute picture from a middle-aged guy in his car. He gave me a thumbs-up when I took the picture. :-)

  3. Hopefully we will make it to Charleston and Savannah next year. Maybe we will head up to Savannah when we are in Saint Augustine, FL, for a couple of days next week.

    Great, when people react that friendly when they got photographed.