08 October 2014

Across the U.S., Day 2 - Winnemucca (NV) to Salt Lake City (UT)

This 2nd day of my trip started at 5am - obviously sleeping in a hotel close to large highways like I-80 is not what I am used to do. But I might get used to the noise by the end of the trip. During breakfast (fruit, muffins & coffee) I chatted with a former police officer/fire fighter who now moves trucks from A to B, with A being Fresno (CA) this time and B being some smaller town in Idaho, 100 mi north of Salt Lake City. He talked about his encounters on the road and major accidents he got sent to. His recommendation was to never do a swerve on the road, no matter if one encounters a mouse or a moose. Well, knock on wood! I did not meet either today.

When driving on I-80 East, (past Pumpernickel Valley!) I suddenly saw a ghost town named Cobre on the map. In my quest to find it, I turned left onto NV-233 not far from the border of Utah. Cobre must have fallen apart since the map was printed. I did not see it. What struck me the most when I got out of the car on that road was the silence. Dead silence, not even the wind was blowing.

Back on I-80 and entering Utah in the early afternoon.

One of these endless trains crossing
the Great Salt Lake Desert

Not a surprise on these long stretches

The day ended with a yummy dinner in Robert's Restaurant - American style, but heavy on the Italian side - near my hotel in Salt Lake City. The first warm meal in 2 days. :-) More to come.

Dijon Salmon with baked potato, veggies and butter squash soup
(which was already gone at the time of the picture).

They even explain their "Specialty Coffees".

Today's route

More to come.


  1. I love the dead silence in the desert, when you can hear yourself breathing. It's fascinating. Beautiful pics, Andrea. Please keep 'em coming, so I know you're ok ;-)

    The food doesn't look too bad, actually, and I like the coffee variations.

  2. I love the silence of the deserts, too. But I understand your impression. Extreme silence gives the scenery a scary touch sometimes.

    I really love your reports. Thank you for keeping us updated during your trip. Keep it up, please.