11 June 2017

The Ducati Saga Continues

Yesterday I mentioned the fun we are having with getting the proper parts for the top case mount for the Multistrada to mount our Givi top cases.

Today we wanted to mount the new MRA VarioTouring windshield that is custom made for explicitly this Multi (2015/2016 model) and what did we find? It didn't work. The instructions say to use the original mounting parts, but of course – they don't fit. The OEM windshield is mounted in rubber grommets via a shouldered screw, the MRA windshield has the holes in the correct pattern but much too small to fit the original mounting equipment.

Now, as I don't want to put a drill or file to the brand new windshield, more back and forth with the shop where we bought the windshield and the manufacturer is needed.

Hmpf ...