12 October 2014

Across the U.S., Day 6 - Custer (SD) to Alliance (NE)

As predicted, it rained most of the time today. No problem, I had seen Mount Rushmore yesterday and had planed to start the day late anyways after a video chat with my dear parents. On my way to Nebraska south on Hwy 385, I drove by the Custer State Park (SD). And yes, chances are high that there are large animals on the road.

Later on I saw many more of those Dangerus, (referring to a Helmut Kohl/Hans-Dietrich Genscher joke, only found the German version here, posted by Mathias Koerber: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/eunet.jokes/4hAyOTru2qg).
This gives an idea of how this area might have looked 250 years ago.

When reaching Nebraska, the "Cornhusker State", the landscape had dramatically changed to rolling hills and grassland. No wonder that this state is a major producer of beef and pork, as well as corn and soybeans (the majority being genetically modified). Omaha is the largest city, Lincoln the state capital. The peak on the sign shows Chimney Rock National Historic Site near Scotts Bluff.

It was extremely windy! Can you tell by how the grass is
bent?  I was glad not to be on my motorcycle!

What does this remind you of? Yeah, this is one of two attractions near Alliance (NE). I happen to stay in Alliance over night and there was just enough light left to check out one of them: Carhenge!

Carhenge is a replicate of Stonehenge, the mysterious stone circle constructed around 2500 B.C. in southern England. Jim Reinders, fascinated by Stonehenge, created it in 1987 as a memorial to his father. 

"And what is the other attraction?", you might ask. It also has something to do with old stuff: Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, ~ 112 km northwest of Alliance.

More to come.


  1. Haha, the joke is good. But aren't we all related to "Dangerous", Andrea?
    The thing with the attractions of Nebraska: Hm, if there is nothing to show, someone has to create something, sometimes. A memorial to a father in that case, hm, I would call that a really weird memorial for someone. Hopefully this state comes up with more interesting things for you. We are already excited what else you will find out.

  2. The less attractions the more weird it gets. Not sure I can relate in any way to the Carhenge.

    That these animals are called "dangeros", had been new to me. Thanks for the educational tidbit ;-)

    Looking forward to the Agate Fossil Beds NM, and hope it will be a more interesting for you.