16 October 2014

Across the U.S., Day 10 - Kansas City (MO)

Kansas City has received many different nicknames, such as "The Paris of the Plains", "Possumtrot", "Barbecue Capital of the World" and probably the best-known: "The City of Fountains".

Kansas City has ~ 200 fountains. In 1973, Kansas Citians Harold and Peggy Rice established "The City of Fountains Foundation" to enhance the city and its surrounding areas. To me, the fountains give the city a very nice touch. Even without them, there would be lots to see, such as the Money Museum (located in the Federal Reserve building), Jazz Museum, Union Station, World War I Museum and the city hall's observation desk. The latter is currently closed due to a wasps infestation. Therefore, I was unfortunately not able to check out the view from the 30th floor. Well, not a big deal. I have to come back with Guido, also because I left the Harley-Davidson Assembly Plant and Visitor Center off my list.

Power and Light Entertainment District
My plan to take the hotel shuttle to the airport and then public transportation to the city did not work out this time, ... because there is no suitable public transportation. Instead, I had to take the car and parked it downtown for $3, the whole day. Yes, in Cologne you only get 1 hour for this price!

Henry Bloch Fountain in front of Union Station

Union Station - Kansas City's train station - celebrates its 100th birthday this year. With its marble floors, almost 30 m high plaster ceiling and three 1,5 tons chandeliers it reminded me of Grand Central Station in New York.

Firefighters Fountain, my favorite one

The best-known fountain and present on the cover of every tourist brochure is the J.C. Nichols Fountain. It was dedicated in 1960 in memory of J.C. Nichols, developer of the Country Club Plaza. It's pretty with its four equestrian figures, said to represent four rivers and sculptured by French artist, Henri Greber. But why does the water have to be blue?!

J.C. Nichols Fountain, near Country Club Plaza
Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

The Kansas City Royals, the local baseball team made it to the 2014 World Series yesterday. Yeah! Actually, I couldn't care less. Just wanted to mention it. :-) This annual baseball championship series is only played in North America. "World" Series? Well, so be it.

City Hall: Abraham Lincoln, his son Tad and the KC Royals
Andrew Jackson &
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Kansas Citians have an interesting sense of (giant) art which I liked a lot.

Giant wasp in front of Union Station. It actually moves.

Crying Giant at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art 

Halloween? No, another piece of contemporary art

I walked ~ 20 km today up and down and across the city. No question that I totally deserved a good dinner. And to honor the Barbecue Capital, I went to Jack Stack, which is said to have the best BBQ in town or even in the country.

Beef & pork "Burnt Ends" with coleslaw and fries

Excellent food! If I had to make the coleslaw myself, it would definitely be less sweet. And I did not use any French Fry Seasoning which adds 240 mg sodium (~ 10% daily allowance) per 1gr. serving.

More to come.


  1. I really love your photos and your summaries. Very expressive: The firefighters fountain picture. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks! So, you understand why the firefighters fountain is my favorite. :-)

  2. You left out the Kansas factory tour? Darn!

    Kansas actually looks quite nice given that it is in the middle of nowhere...

  3. Well, this gives me one more reason to come back with Guido. ;-) But mainly wanted to have more time traveling the back roads to St. Louis today.

  4. Hey Andrea , Guido und Sonja. Wenn wir die einzigen sind die hier kommentieren, k├Ânnten wir eigentlich bei unserer Muttersprache bleiben ;-)