22 August 2023

Review: RAM Mount Tough Track


I was going back and forth between the various options for phone, camera, navigation device holders and ended up deciding on Ram Mount since I have so much of their stuff already, like device cradles, flexible mounts, and so on. 


The base plate that gets screwed to the Jeep is metal, but the track portion weirdly is plastic. Not too happy about the plastic part, otherwise, no complains. 


Dead simple. Take out two screws from the dash, insert base plate where the track is already mounted (hard to get to the screws when mounting the track later), put screws back in, done. 

Then Ram balls can be placed easily. 

In Use

I've attached three balls at this point, one of driver's phone, one for passenger's phone, one for a Garmin Inreach Mini (not shown). I've re-used existing cradles and it works reasonably well so far. Much cheaper than the Bulletpoint mount, maybe slightly less flexible at the moment, the flexible mount I had ordered didn't work out (review of that coming up as a warning to others). The rail sticks up a bit higher than I would like, overall, not a great impression, but it does work reasonably well. 

Also, since the rail is relatively close to the windshield, it interferes with out windshield shade, which we put in to reflect some of the sun when standing outside. Also, the RAM arms often can't be the short ones, depending on the mount, and that means more vibration.


Rating: 3/5 – could use a better flexible mount option, track should be metal, should be better fit 



  1. I've been shopping for a phone mount for our Wrangler. That looks like a good alternative to the Bulletpoint mount which seemed a bit pricy.

    1. It's a decent mount, we've been using it for a while now and while it could better, as described above, it's decent enough.