07 November 2019

Cleanup of Old Posts

A few weeks ago I decided not to extend my SmugMug subscription. I have been using their service since 2009 or so. The price has been too much for what I'm actually using it for, not a fault of SmugMug, just that it was overkill for what I did, basically just hosting images for this blog (which I can do here as well) and for sales ads I had on various forums.

The result of that was that a lot of posts now had broken image links. Given that these were mostly old ones, I took the opportunity and cleaned out posts five years and older. Nobody is interested in them anyways ... ;-)

So, moving forward I'm going to use the integrated image upload here – if and when I have something interesting to share. I still use Flickr, but I don't trust it either, it has gotten to be the "old peoples photo hosting site" and I'm not sure how long it'll be around with competition from Instagram, FaceBook and Google, which, apart from very few Google services, I don't use.

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