20 August 2013

New Bike - Again

So, after selling my Tiger (actually before selling the Tiger, but the new bike will only arrive in October) I ordered my new bike: a 2014 BMW R1200GS.

A "Waterboxer" ...

"Water cooled Boxer"

As you can see above, the new boxer has precision cooling, keeping the parts that need it most at optimal operating temperature without requiring a too large cooling system. Also, the new engine has a really nice growl ...

Okay, seriously, here's what's coming in October:

R1200GS, thundergrey metallic with pretty much all the options except spoke wheels (been there, done that - no, thanks, don't need them) and the alarm system. Took my chances with the LED headlights, never tried them before and hopefully they are reliable, also with the new D-ESA suspension system.

When I test rode the new GS a second time it was after I had changed the tires on my Tiger from Pirelli Scorpions to Michelin Pilot Road which made the steering quite a bit slower and I had to get used to that. Going from that to the GS (on Michelin Anakee 3) there was pretty much no difference in how quick they both handled. Side to side transitions were smooth and easy, the mid corner stability better than with the Scorpions.

My current guess is that I will dearly miss two things:

  • my aftermarket Öhlins/Traxxion suspension set up
  • the inline three cylinder engine

The OEM standard suspension on the 2013 GS I rode first was pretty bad. Really bad for a motorcycle with that price tag. When I test rode it again, I got a bike with the new dynamic ESA which is really quite a lot better than the standard setup. I'd say the Sachs D-ESA is about 70% compared to the 100% of my Tiger aftermarket setup. Not bad for an OEM suspension, but could still be better. It's good enough to not worry about it at all, I will still miss the custom setup that was done perfectly right for my weight.

Nothing can be done about the engine. I will miss that triple. The boxer is an excellent engine and I really like it, but I absolutely LOVED the triple. It's good that I'm riding Andrea's old F650GS for the time being as the step from there to the new GS will be a revelation, better in every way imaginable, while the step from the triple to the boxer has in my opinion more down- than upsides. 

Other than that I'm looking forward to the different ergonomics which fit me really well on my 2010 GS and which I know will work well on the new one, too, as there is nearly no difference between the two. 

There aren't many things I plan to do to the new bike, pretty much just a small optimizations and luggage: lower footpegs to prevent cramps, side cases for our weekend trips, top case carrier for my trusty Givi top case, and some protectors for the cylinder heads. A few bits to mount the GPS I have, mount my phone to the handlebar, install a tank bag, and that should be it. I'll try to keep it much more contained this time. We'll see how that works out. 

Below is a stock photo of the bike in the right color:

2014 R1200GS Thundergrey

Can't wait for it to arrive. Until then, I'll ride the F650GS and have fun with that one. It's a two wheeler, therefore fun by definition. 

19 August 2013

Farewell to the Tiger

I did it again.

Last Wednesday I sold my Tiger 800. This was one fine machine. I did have some real quality time with it. I was planning to keep that bike for a lot longer than I now actually did. And I was sad to see it go.

At least it went to someone who I believe will have a lot of fun with it. He bought it with all the goodies I put on or collected over time and hopefully will have as much (or more) fun with it as myself.

So, you'll ask what I ride now ... at this point in time, I ride Andrea's old F650GS until my new bike arrives. The new bike is ordered and should arrive in about six weeks: a brand new 2014 R1200GS. Stay tuned for updates on that one.

Bye, bye, Tiger! You were one of the best bikes I ever had.

My Triumph Tiger 800