29 December 2012

Oh, Deer ...

... what a way to end 2012.

Don't worry, I'm okay! Let some photos tell the story.

Left side Gas Tank

Left Barkbuster Handguard

Engine Guard

Tank Again


Left Chest - Torn

Right Chest - Zipper Completely Done ...

Left Arm

Right Arm

Left Knee

Right Glove - Explains the damage to me

Left  Boot


Right Arm

Left Arm

Left Hip

Right (Hairy) Leg

So, what's the story? To make it short as I'm typing this with my left hand: Hit a deer on Page Mill Road, just enough to push the front wheel to the right, highsided the bike on the left side at around 20 to 25mph and threw myself on the front. Some bruises, a broken wrist, a  damaged bike, 4 to 6 weeks with a cast on the right arm.

Bummer ... it was my second ride after the surgery, I was slow. Unfortunately not slow enough to stop in time to avoid the collision.

Awaiting appointment with orthopedist to get permanent cast and insurance adjuster to discuss the damage to bike and gear.

First thought: Damn lucky I didn't do anything bad to my just healed chest
Second thought: Damn, no riding again until wrist is healed
Third thought: Great riding gear saved this stupid ass
Forth thought: Need quite some new riding gear ... shit ...
Fifth thought: hopefully the bike isn't totaled, I was nearly done farkling

Last thought: Hopefully 2013 will be a better year.

08 December 2012


  • 96 minutes - duration of the surgery
  • 1 day - time in cardiac care unit
  • 4.5 days - overall time I was in the hospital
  • 11 days - time I took as sick leave
  • 17 days - time from surgery to first day of working from home
  • 4.5 weeks - time from surgery to being back in the office
  • 4.5 weeks - time after beta blocker dose was cut in half (from a tiny dose anyways, I had to cut the minimum dose pills into half pills, one half for morning, the other for the evening)
  • 5 weeks - time after which I completely stopped any painkillers (after being told I was under-medicating because I still felt some pain ... go figure!)
  • 206km - distance I have walked with the GPS / heart rate monitor (Garmin Forerunner 305) attached since then
  • 40 hours 12 minutes 45 seconds - time I spend walking these 206km
  • 4.3km - average distance of my walks, 9.33km being the the longest
  • 8 weeks - stopped beta blockers completely yesterday (had an appointment with the Cardiologist)
  • 90 - resting heart rate when discharged from the hospital
  • 74 - average resting heart rate right now (goal: mid to low sixties)
  • 1 - occurrences of blood pressure above 120 (126 happened once)
  • 1 - occurrences of resting heart rate above 100 (after a heavy dinner)
  • ~ 8cm - length of the surgical incision
  • 0 - times I want to repeat this whole experience
  • 10 weeks - time from surgery to when I plan to ride my bike again