27 March 2012

It's Raining Cats & Dogs ...

... for quite a while now. Yeah, I know we need the water, we need the rain. But damn it, it's raining most of the time since I got the new bike. Getting really frustrated here.

At least I received a few goodies which I will install when I find a bit more time when it's not as cold in the garage as it is right now. Got a rear hugger (piece of sh..), front fender extender (not yet checked), Triumph gel seat (nice, but only tested around the block so far), rear paddock stand bobbins, Triumph radiator guard. Also still have to mount the heated grips and this seems to be a longer task, quite a few bits and pieces to be done for this.

Still on order: Tiger XC handle bar risers (+30mm), R&G bar end weights. The bars vibrate quite a bit at the moment but I guess that will settle down once the engine is properly adjusted. Will have to see when I find time to do this.

Other than that, the top case mounting plate from AltRider didn't fit, I've sent it back to AltRider, awaiting their re-designed one. Not sure when this will show up, but hopefully soon, so that I can use my top case again. I plan on getting a smaller top case, too, don't want to ride around with the large Givi V46 all the time when I mostly only need one third of the space.

Reviews for all those items coming, but I plain didn't have enough time even riding the bike plain as is - still only have 300 miles on it. Just too rainy at the moment.

21 March 2012

19 March 2012

Touratech Pricing Again

By chance I stumbled over absolutely insane Touratech USA pricing again. Somehow they must be completely nuts. It's unbelievable.

For a Kahedo tankbag:

Touratech Germany (before tax): $198 (USD after conversion from EUR)
Touratech USA (before tax): $372.30 (USD)

This is ridiculous. I can only recommend to never ever buy anything from these guys. I will certainly not buy anything there again. It's plain too crazy.

The price in Germany is high, but it's not completely out of this world. The US pricing is a joke. And a bad one, too.

17 March 2012

Private Blog Moved Here, Too

After realizing that the last entry on our private blog was from about a year ago (vacation on Maui), I decided to just point www.event-s.net to here, too.

Makes no sense keeping a Mac Mini running at home all the time and having it just idle around for nothing. We'll likely replace it with a 3rd generation AppleTV sooner or later and keep it around as the "desktop" computer. Seems that the hard drive is also making trouble, the poor guy takes forever to boot and do anything with disk IO.

Therefore - don't be surprised when you get redirected here.

11 March 2012

Tiger Farkeling

I ordered quite a few things for my Tiger already and some of them arrived. So far I have been seriously underwhelmed.

For now, I'm not going to name the products I am disappointed in to give the manufacturers a fair chance to respond first, but to be clear: so far only the Triumph OEM accessories have fit properly. I have bought a few aftermarket parts and so far was not able to make one of them fit. And I don't mean "fit properly" I mean "fit at all".

To give the manufacturers and retailers a chance to respond I have written emails to all of them and will see what comes back there.

So far - very happy with the Tiger and the Triumph parts, very unhappy with all aftermarket parts I have bought.

07 March 2012

Domain Switch Done

This morning I switched over to the new sub domain. The best thing: it should all "just work". Even links into posts should continue to work.

Let me know if something broke for you.

06 March 2012

Attention: Domain Will Change

You, yes, you - if you link to this blog, be aware that the domain in the next few days, so links will likely be broken for a while.

What I will do:

  • use blog.event-s.net as the domain for this blog
  • redirect r1200gs.event-s.net to blog.event-s.net (to at least bring links to the right place, if not the right page)
  • redirect www.event-s.net, too
As you can see, it'll be more generic, I'll redirect existing domains here. Part of the effort is so that I can turn off that Mac Mini that hosts www.event-s.net currently and to have a more generic entry point. 

04 March 2012


Maybe I shouldn't have done that test ride ...

2012 Triumph Tiger 800

In short, this is the most exciting motorcycle I ever had. It's incredibly easy to ride, an engine that is the best I have ever experienced in a bike, easy handling, unique sound.

Yesterday we rode up to Concord, CA, to trade in my R1200GS for this black 2012 Tiger. We rode back on small B roads along Mt. Diablo and through Morgan Territory - a nice ride and perfect for breaking in a new engine. And what an engine that is ... you could put in 4th or 5th gear and ride it all the way home if you really wanted to. Insane.

More to come ...