28 November 2010

Thanksgiving Trip 2010 - Summary

It took me a while, but here's now the summary of my trip during the Thanksgiving week and some notes for doing motorcycle trips.

Highway 1
On Monday, Nov. 22nd, I left Sunnyvale around 10 in the morning. I didn't want to spend too much time on roads I already know pretty well, so I headed out on 101 South towards Monterey to get on Highway 1. It was cold and windy in the Bay Area, the weather forecast was promising, rain later that day and I was hoping to escape the rain by heading towards Los Angeles and finally San Diego. 101 was as boring as expected but once I hit Highway 1 it was a very nice and pleasant ride.

25 November 2010

Some More Photos from Southern California Trip

Entrance to Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree NP - some side road
Getting better at riding on dirt roads

Action Shot 1

Action Shot 2

Playing around

That happens when you try to put a camera
back into a pocket while riding ...

23 November 2010

Some Impressions from Yesterday and Today

Detailed report still TBD, here are the initial impressions ...

Highway 1 - Just South of Monterey
The fun about to start

Somewhere around Big Sur - I think

Doesn't come across - it was cold (around 8 deg C)

Having fun

More fun

Carlsbad, CA, first time over 15C

It was damn cold here again (roughly 2 deg C or 36F)

Dirt Bike and 4WD Rentals

A pig in the sand - that beast is heavy

While we're at it - having more fun there

20 November 2010

GPS + Mount

I was searching for a GPS that fits my "needs and wants" for quite a while now. The problem is, there is none.

Garmin has stopped making GPS devices that I consider good for motorcycling, I will list some of the reasons here, but this is not even trying to be comprehensive or complete, just the things I dislike most.

14 November 2010

Very Cool Website ...

... for finding out how a bike might or might not fit you:


Well worth trying and playing around. Showed me why I felt the Multistrada was pretty much made for me and still could end up with the R1200GS: other than height of handlebar they are pretty much the same ...

03 November 2010

New Triumph Tiger

Triumph released their new "Tiger Cub", a pair of 800cc Triple bikes, one a Cross Country (XC) and one more street oriented version.

It sounds like a direct copy from BMW and it looks even more so:

Good Bye Honda

For years I was hoping that Honda would get their act together, fire their completely clueless design and engineering team and get back to good, solid, and nice looking bikes.

But this just beats just about everything in ugliness I have seen in a long time.