30 September 2010

Loooong week

It was a pretty long week. I haven't been riding since last week Wednesday or so. Too much work, house warming party, ... Today I took the R to ride to work. A short 4 mile ride. Not really worth it normally, but I was late and had to get in fast.

Hopefully I get out into the hills on the weekend. It's about time again ...

20 September 2010

Givi V46 Topcase

When I checked all the options for top and side cases for the R1200GS, I mentioned the Givi V46 as an option for me.

It is not as big as the Maxia E52 I had on my F800GS, but it's close - 46l, so just 6l shy of the big one. But it definitely feels quite a bit smaller. I was able to comfortably fit two helmets side by side in the E52, now the V46 fits one comfortably and two if I apply some "love". They fit but it's a very tight fit and I have to put one helmet on the side to close the lid. The helmets are Shoei Multitec (Size S if that makes a difference, but I think they have all the same shell size, just more padding).

Update: Givi Airflow

As you have probably read I've put a Givi Airflow AF330 Windshield on my R1200GS. I'm fairly happy with it so far. When I move the upper part to about 2/3 up it works quite well up to 65 mph. There is a slight buffeting / droning which annoys me a bit as it is the same thing I had with my F800GS - and which was one of the reasons I sold it - but it's much less pronounced and much less of a problem. And it starts around 60 to 65 mph, not around 50 mph.

This is how it looks like:

16 September 2010

Different Worlds

Crappy Cellphone Picture from Lowe's a Few Days Ago

15 September 2010

Preliminary Results with Givi Airflow

The Givi Airflow windshield I ordered last week arrived and I couldn't wait to install it tonight. It was fairly simple, I checked the instructions mainly to figure out which pieces were meant to go on in which order and it worked out fine.

When I had it installed it was too dark to take photos but I definitely wanted a test ride and went out on Highways 85 and 280 to try how it works. I stopped several times to adjust the height and overall I'm very impressed. I was up to pretty high speeds that I won't admit here and was surprised that I still had no problems keeping the visor open even at speeds I normally don't ride.

When going my typical 60 to 70 cruising speed I had the visor up all the way, no earplugs in and it was no problem at all. With the upper part of the windshield in the low position I got a little bit of wind in the face but not much, with it being halfway up or higher there was virtually no wind other than a little bit of turbulence sometimes. Nothing to worry about at all.

So far so good. I like it and I think it's a great value, especially together with the Adventure Winglets I installed a while ago. I wish I had that windshield last weekend for my trip to Lake Tahoe. Would have been a lot easier on the way back in the East Bay.

One thing: I would like to angle the windshield back a little bit more for even less turbulence and to get the distance between windshield and helmet a bit smaller but that doesn't seem to work given the way the BMW hardware works. I'll have to take a closer look again whether I missed something when assembling it again, but I think I got it right and there is not much more I can do there other than putting thick spacers under the front screws.

I'll report back when I find out more and I'll add pictures as soon as I can take them in daylight.

Oh, and one more thing: the upper part that can be moved catches quite a lot of glare from the headlights. In the dark it's pretty annoying, no problem when in city traffic but in dark rural environments this will be very distracting. I'll probably add something on top of the head lights to avoid the glare. I had that effect with the stock windshield, too, it just wasn't so pronounced.

Take the Manual With You

I prefer to leave the paper version of the manual for the R1200GS at home, but sometimes like to look something up.

What I did was downloading the manual for my bike from here and then putting the PDF into iBooks on my iPhone. This I carry with me anyways and therefore I have a PDF version of the manual always with me:

Riders Manual in iBooks on my iPhone

13 September 2010

Sunnyvale - Lake Tahoe - Mono Lake - Yosemite - Sunnyvale

It was a good weekend. And a looooong motorcycle ride. As planned, I left Sunnyvale, CA, on Saturday around 8:30 or so and followed Andrea to Lake Tahoe. She had left at 6:45 to meet friends in Placerville to go climbing in the Lover's Leap area in Eldorado National Forest and we had planned that I join them in South Lake Tahoe in the evening and stay there overnight before going back.

10 September 2010

Lake Tahoe Tomorrow!

This weekend is planned for a little getaway. Andrea and Dan will be climbing in the Sugar Loaf / Lover's Leap area in El Dorado National forest and I'll take my time and my GS to get there "the long way".

Click the image to get an interactive map on maps.google.com. This is the way I plan to take for getting there. I haven't decided how to go back but so far I think I'll just take the same route back. It's always different going the other way.

06 September 2010

Givi Airflow

As I really, really hope I can make some time for a tour next weekend and I want it to be comfortable, I ordered this windshield today:

05 September 2010

One of my Favorite Routes

I was trying to find a road today to connect from Pescadero Road to Highway 9 but must have either missed it or it's locked off. I passed quite a few roads that were blocked on Pescadero, so it's completely possible that there's no way going there.

Here's the route:

And here's the link to get the interactive route on Google.

Great Post about "First Motorcycle"-Decision

This is a really great article about why sportbikes are not good beginner bikes.

Personally I also think it applies to everything, that is too heavy and to powerful, not just sportbikes. Too powerful for a beginner  in my opinion is everything above 50HP, lower is better here, I started with 27 and that was about right for a standard street bike. Too heavy ... depends on your build. This is normally not that much of a concern but a lighter bikes makes handling easier and therefore cheaper because of less tip overs and less repairs ...

Just my personal opinion.

04 September 2010

Hammerhead Shift Lever

A week ago I installed Fastway footpegs on my R1200GS. Those are much lower and much wider than the stock ones. The problem with this now was that the original shift lever was too close to the pegs, so I always had to squeeze my foot in there to shift up. Not quite optimal.

Again a New Rear Rack

After I sold the MC Products Low Mount Rear Rack I immediately ordered a Givi SR689 rack. This is Givi's rack for installing top cases on 2007 and newer R1200GS. At least that's what Givi says, but from what I read it fits all R1200GS from 2004 and on. Don't rely on me though, I haven't tested this, just read it online.

One Month