19 August 2013

Farewell to the Tiger

I did it again.

Last Wednesday I sold my Tiger 800. This was one fine machine. I did have some real quality time with it. I was planning to keep that bike for a lot longer than I now actually did. And I was sad to see it go.

At least it went to someone who I believe will have a lot of fun with it. He bought it with all the goodies I put on or collected over time and hopefully will have as much (or more) fun with it as myself.

So, you'll ask what I ride now ... at this point in time, I ride Andrea's old F650GS until my new bike arrives. The new bike is ordered and should arrive in about six weeks: a brand new 2014 R1200GS. Stay tuned for updates on that one.

Bye, bye, Tiger! You were one of the best bikes I ever had.

My Triumph Tiger 800


  1. And there I thought it would be ever lasting... It served you well, and you will certainly miss that triple sound.

    1. The whine was something that I had a real love/hate relationship with. I liked it as it fits the bike quite well, but after eight hours on the bike I was happy to not hear it anymore ...

      But I will definitely miss that bike!

  2. Bye-bye Tiger. I am curious as to why you sold it. Was it just not the same after the crash? I know you had issues with the Triumph dealer.

    Or is it because Andrea is enjoying her new BMW so much.......

    1. Definitely multiple reasons. I was more or less over the crash after our long vacation ride. Couldn't have done it otherwise. But there were various other reasons:

      1) I seem to get along better with the GS ergonomics (foot peg position, handle bar shape, height and distance) than with the Triumph. Over the last few rides, I had my shoulder muscles lock up after 30 to 60 minutes. I played around with the handlebars (different handlebars even), position of the bars (higher, back, lower, forward) but still couldn't get it sorted out. The last position I had was better in the shoulder but after an hour or so my elbow started hurting.

      2) "Something new" factor. "New bike syndrom". Whatever you want to call it. I think I'm a little crazy in that regard. It's literally my one and only hobby and it's the one thing where I can get my head cleared from work related things.

      3) The annoyance of the local shop and how Triumph reacted to my complaint (not at all). I'm just not into supporting that kind of behavior. It's an excellent bike, it deserves excellent shops, but Triumph doesn't do much to get there as it seems to me.

      On top of that - we are very happy with our BMW shop here, we like the bikes, they provide an awesome ride, so why not?

  3. Guido:

    I too was considering a Tiger but we don't have a good dealer network here (in Vancouver) and they are too far away or have stupid hours and I could never get there. So for me Triumph is out of the question.

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. That an agreeable dealer is in SF wasn't too bad for me - the Tiger is rock solid reliable, nothing other than regular service needed and even that I could do myself, maybe with the exception of valve checks/adjustments.

      But, and that is more important, it was really the sum of a few small things + two really big ones: new bike bug + real pain in my shoulder and/or elbow when I was riding the Tiger lately.

      Also, since Andrea has been riding more and more, our bike usage pattern has also changed significantly. We regularly go on long weekend rides with one or two nights in hotels or on campgrounds. We often ride 600 to 800 miles during a weekend now and therefore even smaller ergonomic issues that have not bothered me too much before are now a real problem and take away fun.

      As said, this is all very personal, so I would not read much into it. It's like clothing: what fits me, doesn't necessarily fit you, what I like is not necessarily something for you.