19 July 2013

Summer Trip - Days 13 and 14

The last two days of our trip were all about getting home. It was insanely hot in and around Las Vegas, Death Valley had a forecast for 49C/120F. Therefore we left Las Vegas very early in the morning, made our way to Pahrump, then to Furnace Creen, Lone Pine, and so on.

We stopped a few times to soak our shirts and helmet caps in water, then rode on with most vents of our jackets closed, letting just the little bit of air coming in the sleeves and through the fabric cool us down. This worked very well and as soon as we were getting uncomfortably hot again (every two to three hours) we stopped and repeated the procedure.

We rode in one day from Vegas, through Death Valley, to Mono Lake, then over 120 and through Yosemite all the way to Oakhurst, about 30 miles South of the Yosemite South Entrance. This was our longest day.

In Oakhurst, CA - Shows how much we used TVs during our trip

From Oakhurst we rode backroads through the Central Valley then some faster roads to Gilroy and from there again backroads all the way home.

Well deserved break.

We arrived late in the afternoon and had still a weekend to settle down and relax before we had to get back to work.

Back at Home

Overall it was an incredible trip. It was tough sometimes, hot, long days, sometimes tough riding, but it was soooo much fun. We can't wait for the next long trip!


  1. Wow, you two really experienced the heat. At least you knew to close those vents and wet some clothes.

    Motel TV's make good clothes drying racks. I don't think they are good for much else, especially if you can get the weather forecast on your phone or laptop.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do the trip review posts. I enjoyed them all.

    1. Yes, the heat was certainly something. It made everything we did more strenuous, everything more tiring, and especially long riding days really hard. I had to carry the water backpack to be able to drink enough, even though I had trouble with my shoulder from ergonomic problems with the Tiger made worse the additional weight of the backpack.

      What hotel/motel TVs are great for is showing you again how good it is to not have TV at home ... ;-)

  2. I've also enjoyed reading all of the posts. Going through Death Valley in the June or July is crazy! I would've gone towards Reno then turn at the Bristlecone Pines then over Sonora Pass. I used to do field work in that area including Death Valley. It made Nevada seem lush!

    Thanks for the trip report!

    1. Definitely true - Death Valley was HOT. But as I said - soaking the base layer in water and closing all the vents made it not only bearable but pretty much fine until the stuff was dry. Then we had to stop, soak the base layer again and continue on. I think our climate control worked for about two hours at a time, then it got uncomfortable again.

      I would have liked to write a little bit more, but I was happy to be able to put the posts up at all - just given how much time I have at the moment.