04 July 2013

Summer Trip - Day 9

Leaving Monument Valley the next morning, we packed our tent before even thinking about taking photos. Ah, okay. Next time.

Our next target was Four Corners National Monument. We left Utah for a short time (and took the photo we wanted to take when we entered Utah).

We made some friends along the way ...

Donkeys ...

And of course had to take the obligatory ridiculous tourist photo at Four Corners National Monument:

Four Corners is the only place in the US where four state lines meet at a single point. Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. It belongs to the Native Americans, but the Monument itself is kind of weird. In the background you see open trading booths, the whole thing is surrounded by them. We waited in a line to take the photo above. It was kind of a zoo - total tourist trap. But okay, it was worth going there.

Now we had reached our most easterly point in the trip and it was time to turn the bikes around and start the long trek home.

Back into Arizona

One thing we always found in the Indian areas were dogs. Lots of them. Hanging around, begging for food. Also quite a few neglected horses and other animals. Not certain what this is all about, but it didn't leave the best impression.

To avoid riding all the time on 160, a fairly big and windy high speed highway, we detoured South on 191 and then took a route East again.

This part was the most miserable stretch of our whole trip. It was super windy. Gusty winds were coming from the side, blowing dust and sand over the street, on us, everywhere. We were riding with the bikes at an angle most of the time, only to be surprised by a sudden gust of wind going in another direction. It was frustrating, hard, taxing, long, and later on super boring.

Andrea was quite miserable for some time in the high winds as the F650GS was really hard to ride there. It was blown all over the place, scary and exhausting.

Dogs at a Gas Station

Finding shade next to the bikes

Boring straight highway - but still windy
After a long and super exhausting day we ended up in the Cameron Trading Post - nine years after we had been here the first time. We got a nice room, shower, dinner, and were about to sleep at the table, but in the end decided that the beds might be a more comfortable place.


  1. A full day of high winds doesn't sound like much fun. But the four corners is intriguing. I've heard of it but I don't think I've seen the actual monument before.

    I bet Andrea is glad to have the new bike after those winds.

    1. Yeah, Andrea is super happy with the R. We did another long trip last weekend to Lake Tahoe. She's super comfy on the new bike and can now probably easily stay on longer than myself ...

      Four Corners struck us as a really weird place. I'm not certain I'd say it was worth going there. It's quite a loop for something that isn't really that interesting.