04 July 2013

Summer Trip - Day 8

From Monticello we rode further South to Natural Bridges National Monument:

Natural Bridges National Monument

We learned that the difference between the bridges and the arches is that the bridges are formed by flowing water in streams, while the arches are from moisture in the air and wind erosion. Makes sense.

Short Break at Natural Bridges

Quite a Large Bridge

Now it was decision time - we wanted to get to Monument Valley as we had booked a space on the campground there and there are two ways: the short connection which has a dirt section at Moki Dugway, where a gravel road goes from the ridge into the valley. The road is hard pack gravel but fairly steep and has some switchbacks, but overall it was super easy to ride.

The other option would have been a loooooong loop around to stay on paved roads. We decided to take Moki Dugway - a good decision!

Top of Moki Dugway

Switchbacks on Moki Dugway

The scenery there is incredible and I can only recommend taking that route. It's easy on any type of motorcycle and absolutely no issue in a car.

Quite a View
When we arrived at the bottom we decided that while we were riding dirt roads anyways we'd do Valley of Gods, too. It was well worth it ...

Valley of the Gods
The road there is also mostly hard pack gravel, some sand in a few places but as long as you watch out these patches are easy to avoid. There were some washboard like sections where speed helped to at least kind of "float" over the bumps.

At one point, Andrea decided that she needed to take a look that the underside of the Beemer was still intact and fine:

Sleepy F650GS
A little bit of sand can get you, especially when trying to stop for a photo ... nothing bad happened other than a few scratches on the case and the ego of the rider.

Mexican Hat

In the afternoon we arrived in Monument Valley:

Monument Valley

We quickly set up our tent - no photos because we were busy getting it set up to then head back to Monument Valley Visitor Center for sunset photos.

Monument Valley at Sunset


  1. Great photos you two. Sure looks like a beautiful area and that gravel road with the switchbacks looks really run.

    Why is it bikes only like to nap on long trips? Max has had two naps and both have been on multi-day trips.

    1. Ah, I guess they get tired from sooooo much riding and fun. Mine certainly does ... ;-)