04 July 2013

Summer Trip - Day 10

After a good sleep in Cameron we couldn't resist and headed for Grand Canyon.

We had been here before and are still planning a hike through the Canyon, but thought it was well worth the time to stop for a few photos and to renew our impressions.

Entering Grand Canyon National Park

It's really hard to get good photos of Grand Canyon, as it's very often misty and the photos are very washed out and can't show the real landscape. This one was filtered quite a bit afterwards, but it shows pretty much what we have seen that day.

Grand Canyon

Perfect place for an iPhone panorama shot again

After leaving Grand Canyon National Park we again headed East but, at the first chance left I-40 again.  It was again very windy and with the high speed of the rest of the traffic here it was not good riding for Andrea.

Fortunately, there's an alternative:

Route 66 at Seligman

Seligman, AZ

That night we stayed in a hotel in Kingman. It was very hot and we were happy to be in an air conditioned room with a nice shower!


  1. So, which door did you use? The front or the side…

    It looks like you had a great trip. (Envious)

    1. It was closed so we didn't have to decide ... luckily ... ;-)

      The trip was awesome overall! It certainly had its challenges (like the strong and gusty cross winds on a few days), but it was really memorable!

  2. Route 66, nice. Much better than an Interstate.

    The hippies sign made me laugh. We have a coffeehouse/cafe here in town that has the same sign in the front window.

  3. Guido:

    we saw those same Dummies sitting on the back of that Bonneville. Did you go to the Ice Cap for Ice Cream and see Angel ? He was the one who started the Route 66 preservation.

    One day I would like to ride my bike down there

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. We didn't stay all too long there, so no. It's a beautiful area, but the stretches between interesting points are really looooooong. Lots of freeway riding required.