29 June 2013

Summer Trip - Day 6

The night on the KOA camp ground went by without major issues. We found that my camping pillow is too loud if I don't wrap in a t-shirt or so, but that's an easy fix. Other than that, it was comfortable - definitely better than in a tent.

We started the day with a ride on 128 between 191 and I-70. Again, it's all about the gorgeous landscape.

Having fun in Utah

More fun

The "yellow lines shot"

We went North East on 128 and when it started to become straight and boring we headed back. After that, we made our way into the Northern parts of Canyonlands NP.

Enjoying the View

Are you afraid of height?

We had an early dinner in Moab and later tried to get some sunset photos in Arches. Unfortunately we went into the wrong area and all we got was shade. No shots from there - they're really not worth it.


  1. The varying landscapes of this vast country never ease to amaze me. To go from the ocean to high desert and canyons to lush evergreen forests and beyond. Wow.

    1. Definitely true. There is a lot of diversity in the landscape, especially here in the West. We are really grateful to be here and enjoy the spectacular nature.