28 June 2013

Summer Trip - Day 5

The fifth day of our trip started early in the morning in Torrey, UT. The Days Inn included an okay breakfast and we were on the road again with beautiful weather - that's what we hoped for as we didn't want to ride through Capitol Reef in rainy weather.

Capitol Reef National Park

Capital Reef

This reminds me to write a little bit about the set up we used for this trip:

Andrea's tank bag has a removable camera insert where she carried the Canon 40D with a 70-300mm zoom lens. She also had our compact Canon SD880 in there, while I took photos with the iPhone 5 only. This was a pretty good set up, although it would have been even nicer if we had also brought the 17-40mm lens for the DSLR. We could have used it quite a bit, but overall it wasn't a big issue to use the compact camera for wide angle shots and the DSLR for zoomed in and close up photos.

I had mostly all kinds of small stuff in my tank bag, from tire pressure gauge over power cable for the Sena SMH10 to additional earplugs, GPS carry bag, visors, and so on. It was a very workable setup that allowed Andrea to sometimes take photos with both cameras without getting off the bike, just stop, put down side stand, pull off gloves, grab camera, take desired photo, put everything away / back on and move on.

The trusty Tiger

Regarding our bikes – the Triumph Tiger 800 did very well on this trip. On the second day I had to fix an issue that was a left over from the repairs earlier this year after I had a run in a with a deer - the idiots in the shop had installed the ABS sensor wrong + overlooked a slightly warped left brake disk, that just on top of all the other mistakes they have made while repairing the bike.

Of course, I couldn't fix the brake disk while on the tour and it seemed that the heat in Death Valley and Nevada and later Utah made it warp even more so that it started grinding on the ABS sensor in some part of the wheel revolution. I took out the ABS sensor, found that the shop had mounted it with "fork leg, sensor bracket, washer, bolt" instead of "fork leg, washer, sensor bracket, bolt" order, meaning that the washer actually belongs between sensor bracket and fork mount, which pulls it back about 1mm from the ABS ring. I checked this in the repair manual and luckily it was also the fix I came up with on the road when I heard the sensor grinding against the ABS ring. Fortunately, everything still works, and with my fix there was no grinding anymore, just a stutter when coming to a stop, thanks to the still warped disk.

A new disk got in today and I'm going to install it tomorrow, that should now hopefully cure the last issue of what these guys at the shop did to my poor bike. Did I tell you that I'll never spend another cent at this shop?

Capitol Reef in the morning sun

Mordor in the sunshine?

After going through Capitol Reef National Park we hit I-70 and headed further East towards Moab.


Near Moab

In Moab we decided to stay at the KOA campground, but to have at least a little bit of luxury we took a cabin for the two nights we wanted to stay there.

The cabin had power and WiFi, the restrooms and shower were just 20m away, so it was actually quite nice.

Cabin at KOA Campground

After settling in at the campground we headed back North to Arches National Park.

Obligatory Park Entrance Photo


In the photo below you can see "Delicate Arch" - we didn't want to hike there in our heavy motorcycle boots and other gear, so the 300mm zoom came in VERY handy!

Delicate Arch is also on this panorama shot, can you see it?

Click on the photo for a larger version

One of the rare shots with Andrea

"The Bird"

The day ended nicely with a dinner at the campground, cooked on our camping stove, with the rest of the red whine we still had from Henderson.

Again, it was a beautiful day.


  1. Guido:

    We took the same trail to Delicate Arch as you. There were two trails and one said "strenuous" and it was hot the day we were there. We stayed in Moab for two days

    Did you go into Canyonlands and ride the Shaefer trail down into the canyon ? It said 4x4's only but you both have dual sports.

    It's nice to see familiar scenes

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. We didn't ride into the lower areas of Canyonlands, just went to the Northern and Southern view points. Very well worth it. And "dual sports" is relative ... they were heavy pigs with all the luggage on. The Tiger still handled okay, the Beemer was a little heavy on the rear and which made the steering very light.

      We did some dirt roads (as you will see later), but not in Canyonlands.

  2. Gorgeous photos of Arches. So beautiful. Did it feel really hot or was there a wind blowing through there too.

    The KOA cabins look cozy.

    Bummer about the ABS sensor and disk. Hope it all gets sorted.

    1. We were fairly luck with the weather - it was very and warm (around 30C/86F), but not super hot. That happened later in the trip on our way back. There was also some wind going most of the time while we were in Utah and Arizona. Sometimes for the good (cooling) sometimes not so nice (getting blown around on the bikes).

      The KOA cabins are fairly nice but certainly have some downsides - if you don't have a real bed sheet, the plastic covered mattresses are loud and sticky. We put our Therm-A-Rest on top of them. There was a wide bed and a bunk bed in that one and after getting annoyed by the noise of the respective other (mainly me) moving around we decided that one takes the lower bunk bed, one takes the wide bed. First night I was in the bunk, second night it was Andrea. It worked, but could have been better. The rest was pretty nice!

      I think I have now everything sorted on the bike, the last thing remaining is to remove the tank and take a look whether everything was installed properly under there. I will do that for 12k service which is due later this summer. Valves need to be checked and throttle bodies synced properly which I will likely do myself. We'll see how that works out, but I try not to have any shop do it as I plain don't trust them anymore. Maybe I let them do the valves, but that's about it.

  3. Like you said, just another bunch of red rocks, awesome pics though. Good luck finding a repair shop / dealer that does a better job than your previous. They really seemed to have screwed up even the easiest things. I hope you gave them the rating they deserve.

    1. It's a really amazing landscape - and of course, I was joking about "just some more red rocks". But we definitely felt after a few days in the parks that the mind numbed a little bit. You just have to digest all of that before you can go on to the next view. And in Utah, there isn't that much variance like for example you have in California.

      Regarding shop: I'll likely do a lot myself. It's all not super hard to do and I have done pretty much all of it before. And, as said as this is, this will likely be my last Triumph. The dealers are so bad, it's turning me off from the brand, even though I totally love the bikes.