24 June 2013

Summer Trip - Day 4

Leaving Brian Head we made our way back to the Cedar Breaks National Monument which looks a lot like Bryce Canyon.

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Still Cedar Breaks

Enjoying the Day

Did I mention that I love the Panorama feature on the iPhone?

From there we made our way through Grand Staircase - a slightly different landscape ...

Great Staircase

Obligatory Park Sign

View Point at the Million Dollar Highway

Along the Million Dollar Highway

We timed our lunch break perfectly - it just started raining when we were in the restaurant. It stopped before we left again.


The afternoon was quite an interesting ride as we somehow made it through a break in the rain all the way up to Torrey, UT. 

The Storm Chasers

When we got to Torrey we decided that we have pressed our luck enough for the day and checked into a Days Inn and this turned out to be a very good idea as more and more heavy showers came through. At a shop there we found some interesting "earplugs" - maybe more tasty than the ones we'd been using, or maybe not ...

Tasty Earplugs

The route for the day:

Brian Head to Torrey


  1. Tasty earplugs, hilarious! We loved Utah for the variety in scenery.

    1. The nature and scenery in Utah is spectacular. It's really, really beautiful. Although - after a few days it's "just another red rock" ... ;-)

  2. Another wonderful day. Sure glad you were able to dodge the rain.

    I'll never loot at Dots the same. Will just think of them as tasty earplugs now.

  3. Guido:

    We drove that same road but we started in Blanding and had a buffalo burger in Hanksville. I took the same photo of that sign "on the backbone". Would like to return on a bike someday

    PS: I didn't know earplugs were edible ?

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. It definitely is a beautiful area and there's much more to explore there than we have seen. So it'll be interesting to go back at some point in time.