23 June 2013

Summer Trip - Day 3

After staying at the really nice Marriott Springhill Suits (nice hotel btw) we started our day by just getting out of Las Vegas and out of Nevada into Utah.

For some reason we didn't fill up the bikes right away but planned on doing so somewhere along I-15 North East of Las Vegas. Interesting enough, civilization stops very suddenly when you drive out of the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

Neither my cell phone nor the GPS showed another gas station for quite some distance, so we decided if we wouldn't find one before or at the next major intersection (with NV93) we'd turn around and play it safe.

Fortunately, both phone and GPS were completely wrong. There is a huge gas station at the I-15/NV93 intersection and there are more coming further North, too. Lesson learned: don't trust the GPS or phone to find the nearest gas station, but also don't rely on them to be super close together - especially not in States like Nevada, Utah, or Arizona where there are long stretches through deserts and other non-populated areas that might or might not have an open (!) gas station.

Anyways, desert climate aside, once you get close or into Zion National Park, there is some amazing nature to be seen.

Flower right before the entrance to Zion National Park

Close to Zion NP

"Schattenparker" (Shade Parker?)
Entrance to Zion

We basically just passed through as Zion was not on our list of "To Dos" for this time. We had been in this area before, also to Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon, our target area was further East. But as it is some amazing landscape, here are more photos we took along the way (sometimes with the bikes, just to prove that we didn't use pictures from other trips we took ...).

Having fun

Along Route 9

"Find the House" (Click for larger view)

Still in Zion NP

Once we were through Zion, we slowly made our way East on 9, North on 89, West on 14, and then turned towards Brian Head.

Brian Head is basically a Ski Resort that was virtually deserted when we were there as the snow was gone and it didn't look like anything else would happen up there.

On the way to Brian Head, yes that is snow

Well deserved dinner at the Double Tree Resort & Spa, Brian Head, Utah

The way to Brian Head also had a special challenge for me - quite a lot of deer along the way. That evening we saw a few along the road. Same the next morning when we headed on. We were extra careful and didn't have any scary situations luckily.

This was also the last of our pre-booked hotels. More to come ...


  1. Schattenparker? Same category as Geradeausbeschleuniger & Kurvenbremser... *grin*

    I hope the deer signs where for sightings only and not for physical encounters (again...).

    1. We actually saw deer crossing the roads there, not just signs. Once while we were taking a break at a turn out, a deer came carefully up to the road, jumped back when a car came, came back right after checked again and crossed the road - better than most humans in California ... but then again, they learn from experience. Another one crossed right in front of the SUV in front of us, again, nothing bad happened. Then there were others just standing on the meadows along the road.

      It was okay, but we were super concentrated, extra careful, and really slow.

  2. Beautiful scenery.

    Glad there were no deer incidents.

    That dinner looks pretty yummy too.

    1. Dinner was very good. I can really recommend Brian Head in the off-season. Affordable. Nice riding in the area, good food and great hotel rooms.

  3. Guido:

    Looks like you two had a great trip. Lots of nice scenery and good food. You should never take a chance when it comes to fuel when traveling in an unfamiliar area. I have been known to turn around too "just in case". But then, I also turn around for photos

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Yeah, we don't take any chances either. Although it was quite surprising how many gas stations were not listed in the GPS and phone. In the less populated areas most of them weren't listed.