22 June 2013

Summer Trip - Day 1

Again, I've been lazy. Our summer trip is over since two weeks now, we're back, had an awesome time and lots of fun. I'll put up photos from the trip and maybe write a little here and there, but it's mainly about the photos which really show that we had a good time.

So, let's get started with our luggage:

Everything packed into liners / bags

We were planning on staying in hotels and motels most of the time, but also brought the tent, sleeping bags, and mattresses in case we couldn't find a place to stay.

In short:

  • The large black bag in the upper left corner has two ThermARest mattresses and two Kermit chairs. 
  • Andrea's tank bag is next to that. In there was a Canon DSLR + our maps.
  • Next to this is Andrea's travel pillow.
  • In the upper right corner is my tank bag with assorted small stuff, some tools, head lamp, spare helmet visors and so on.
  • The two red bags are packed with our clothes. These fit into Andrea's side cases, each on top of another liner, one was for food, the other for toiletries.
  • The two grey/black/yellow bags have our sleeping bags, the large green thing is the tent. 
  • Then there is some stuff like lid liners for my cases, cooking gear, a small axe, Teva sandals (in the two blue bags on the left side, ...
We didn't bring all too much stuff overall, but could still optimize away quite a bit.

All packed and ready to leave

The picture above shows how we packed: pretty much everything went into the hard cases, I had camping gear, Andrea had clothes, food and toiletries. My top case was for the travel pillow, laptop, jacket liners and other stuff we might need over the day. The bag with chairs and mattresses is on Andrea's bike. This is how we packed every day - no need to change anything.

Taking the long way

The first day was a mix of highways, some freeway and lots of backroad. We started in Sunnyvale and rode about 608km (377 miles) that day to Ridgecrest, CA. It was a really, really good start!

Photo break

Andrea passing

Well deserved lunch

Another much needed break

Interesting landscape - click on the photo for a large view

The route

We were pretty much done after that day. It was a long ride, but through some really beautiful areas and along some amazing roads. 

The next day will be Death Valley and then on to Las Vegas (actually to Henderson, NV, we didn't stay directly in Las Vegas that day).


  1. Well, finally you got around to this ;-)

    Over 600km on your first day? I remember that my butt and wrists did hurt big time when traveling long distance on the F650GS. How was Andrea doing after?

    1. It wasn't too bad - she held up pretty good. The F gives a fairly good seating position, although a lot of weight is on the lower back and behind ... Andrea is just a lot tougher than I am, because I was certainly feeling it!

      What also helps is a Crampbuster - a little plastic thingy to help apply throttle. We both used one and it worked great once we got used to it.

  2. Glad that you two made it home safe and sound from your trip.

    I am looking forward to the road reports.

    1. I'll try to get them posted over the next few days!

  3. Thanks for listing out the items in the packing photos. What type of sleeping bags are those? They pack up pretty small.

    1. They are down sleeping bags, both bought in Germany. Generally, 20F down bags pack to that size. These are Sea To Summit eVent compression bags.

      I also have a Marmot Helium sleeping bag which fits in the same compression bag.