21 May 2013

An Important Moment

Andrea has had her little F650GS for about two years now and has put roughly 6500 miles on it.

Here's when we bought it:

Andrea and her F650GS

This bike was great for the last two years. We have done trips into the Sierras, the Wine Country, the San Luis Obispo Area, up and down along the Pacific Coast, and lots of day trips here in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It was the perfect bike for Andrea to get more comfortable riding a "full sized" bike after her little DR200SE thumper.

The next big thing will be our summer trip - we have outfitted the GS with side cases and new tires for this trip:

F650GS with Jesse Luggage

Andrea will have our clothes/shoes/toiletries, while I take care of all the camping gear, tools and gadgets.

But the most important thing, last weekend the GS reached an important milestone:

10k miles

Not all from Andrea, but most of them - as said, we got the F with ~3500 miles on the odometer and Andrea has ridden the bike all over Central and Northern California so far. Next destination: Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico. Can't wait!


  1. A significant milestone with hopefully many more miles (or a bigger bike?) to come.

  2. Nicely done putting all those miles on the GS, way to go Angela.

    Just think how many she'll have ridden after the big trip.

    1. Andrea ... ;-) We estimate it'll be between 3k and 3.5k miles for the big trip. Basically what Andrea rode in a year will be added in about two weeks continuous riding.

  3. Guido/Andrea:

    WAY TO GO ! this is great ! Bikes were meant to be ridden to scenic and twisty places. The size of this GS is much better. I remember when she had the Vstrom . . .

    have a good trip

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. True, the Wee was plain too big. That was my mistake, not really hers. A SV650 would have been the better choice at the time.

  4. yay! up up and away (in miles) she goes!

  5. Congratulations to Andrea on the miles. I think that the F650GS is still my favorite bike if I was in the market for another bike...

    1. It is a very, very nice and easy ride. But it's still a thumper and unfortunately it shows in many places where the low price comes from. We are dealing with some of these effects right now: tach not working, neutral light not working, battery weak. The rest might just be maintenance introduced before we bought the bike.