08 April 2013

Tour Preparation - Kermit Chairs

For our summer tour this year we are planning to do a mix of hotel/motel and camping. We'll definitely take the full camping equipment just to be sure that we get a decent place to sleep every night - we have  hotels booked for the first three nights only. After that we really don't know where we'll be.

We basically had everything we need in terms of camping equipment like tent, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads, but missed one item on our trips last summer: a decent set of comfortable camping chairs. Whenever we took a break from riding in really nice places, we sat on the ground, or on whatever was available there, not very comfy.

So, after some checking and a bit of moaning about the price we got a pair of Kermit Chairs. This is a very comfortable and solid chair, handmade in Tennessee. Very high quality and really nicely finished.

Kermit Chairs - his and hers ...

We got leg extensions for both, this photo here shows the difference in seat height:

Leg Extensions

The chair is super nice even without the extensions, but they might make it a bit easier in some situations or when we want to sit on a hillside: just put the front extensions on only and the chair is good to go.

They arrived today and we tested them in the living room - perfectly comfortable and exactly what we were looking for. They will be put to good use on our upcoming trips! This is how equipment should be: solid, high quality, worth the price, and very likely to outlast our desire for camping over the next 20 years ... ;-)

And even better: the two chairs will fit easily into our Ortlieb Rackpack duffle bag, together with our two Therm-A-Rest sleeping pads and room to spare.


  1. I am glad you like the Kermit chairs. Will be good to hear your review after a few uses. We thought about those last year and opted for the Monarch chairs instead since a few friends had them. They seem to work well - if you have good balance and don't have your hands full when you go to sit.

    1. Yeah, it'll be interesting. What I didn't like about the Monarch chairs when I tried them was that they get me into a really bunched up position. I just didn't find them comfortable. But they are of course a lot smaller and lighter.

      The Kermits are about 2.5kg each, but for what you get they pack relatively small. Wouldn't want to carry them on extended hiking trips, but wouldn't have an issue taking it on a weekend overnight hike.

  2. I've run into many folks who love the Kermit chairs and I think they probably will last a lifetime. I also opted for the Monarch chair but I'm not tall and they are comfortable enough for the number of times that I use it. Looking forward to more details of your trip.

    1. We'll very likely also use them in the backyard, on car trips, whenever we go somewhere and like to sit comfortably when there are no chairs. Had that happen too often now ... ;-)

  3. Guido:

    I guess I'm also in the Monarch chair club. I looked at Trobairitz's last year in Oregon and decided I would buy one too. They don't seem so bad if you "lean a way baaaack"

    I think Kermit chairs are considered to be the best but I have never seen one to try it out

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. What happened to sitting on the ground...? Just kidding. Now you only need a fridge and a microwave and all is set up for camping ;-)

    Seriously, I like the multi purpose use of the Kermits, whether it is on a trip or picknick with the car, in the backyard or on the bike.

    1. ;-)

      Sitting on the ground gets old ... or maybe it's just me getting old. Or so. The Kermit is just such a well made piece of equipment, we are very happy with the purchase. I'm not certain whether we'll need the leg extensions on the trips, but using them at home in the backyard or so they make a lot of sense.