13 April 2013

Six Months ...

Today it's been six months since my surgery. I'm feeling pretty good so far. Much more exercise than before but I'm still feeling very unfit. Anyways, some day it'll show that I run four miles three times a week ...


  1. More exercise is good. Hard to believe it has been six months already.

    I am glad you came through it just fine and are well again.

  2. You will end up being much fitter and heather than before. Good for you!!!

  3. Yes - I understand that exercise is good for me and that I'm getting fitter - it's just such a sloooooow process unfortunately. And I'll always compare to how fit I used to be and will then feel unfit. But that's okay, I can run, I can hike, everything so far has worked out well enough. I'm happy about the progress.