08 December 2012


  • 96 minutes - duration of the surgery
  • 1 day - time in cardiac care unit
  • 4.5 days - overall time I was in the hospital
  • 11 days - time I took as sick leave
  • 17 days - time from surgery to first day of working from home
  • 4.5 weeks - time from surgery to being back in the office
  • 4.5 weeks - time after beta blocker dose was cut in half (from a tiny dose anyways, I had to cut the minimum dose pills into half pills, one half for morning, the other for the evening)
  • 5 weeks - time after which I completely stopped any painkillers (after being told I was under-medicating because I still felt some pain ... go figure!)
  • 206km - distance I have walked with the GPS / heart rate monitor (Garmin Forerunner 305) attached since then
  • 40 hours 12 minutes 45 seconds - time I spend walking these 206km
  • 4.3km - average distance of my walks, 9.33km being the the longest
  • 8 weeks - stopped beta blockers completely yesterday (had an appointment with the Cardiologist)
  • 90 - resting heart rate when discharged from the hospital
  • 74 - average resting heart rate right now (goal: mid to low sixties)
  • 1 - occurrences of blood pressure above 120 (126 happened once)
  • 1 - occurrences of resting heart rate above 100 (after a heavy dinner)
  • ~ 8cm - length of the surgical incision
  • 0 - times I want to repeat this whole experience
  • 10 weeks - time from surgery to when I plan to ride my bike again


  1. There is strength in numbers as they say, and those numbers are telling me you are a fast healer, and will be riding again soon. YAY!

    1. Yeah, they look pretty good. Recovery was probably exactly what a surgeon wants to put in as an example. Can't wait to ride again.

  2. So does this post mean you are back on the road again!? 206km, pretty good distance especially recuperating from fairly invasive surgery.

    1. My plan is to try the first ride around Christmas. 10 weeks after surgery. We'll see how I feel by then. I have the Tiger on a battery tender now, but haven't done anything else to "winterize" it, so we'll see how it starts up when the time comes.

  3. Guido:

    . . . BUT, You are better than new, and you won't have to worry about this anymore

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. I certainly hope that I don't have to go through this again.

  4. Wow, those are quite the statistics. Sure glad you are healing up well.

    So how many more weeks until you get to ride? I bet you are counting days at this point.

    1. Thanks! It's a really good feeling when things get better.

      Two weeks from now! I want to get on the bike again! It's all limited by the sternum healing up. And I wouldn't be able to put it on the center stand or lift it back up if I drop it, but overall handling doesn't require much strength.

      Full strength and ability to lift will take another three months or so. Some Docs say for example that push ups are okay after three months, others say after six months. I'll be careful and wait the longer time, but it makes you wonder ...