29 December 2012

Oh, Deer ...

... what a way to end 2012.

Don't worry, I'm okay! Let some photos tell the story.

Left side Gas Tank

Left Barkbuster Handguard

Engine Guard

Tank Again


Left Chest - Torn

Right Chest - Zipper Completely Done ...

Left Arm

Right Arm

Left Knee

Right Glove - Explains the damage to me

Left  Boot


Right Arm

Left Arm

Left Hip

Right (Hairy) Leg

So, what's the story? To make it short as I'm typing this with my left hand: Hit a deer on Page Mill Road, just enough to push the front wheel to the right, highsided the bike on the left side at around 20 to 25mph and threw myself on the front. Some bruises, a broken wrist, a  damaged bike, 4 to 6 weeks with a cast on the right arm.

Bummer ... it was my second ride after the surgery, I was slow. Unfortunately not slow enough to stop in time to avoid the collision.

Awaiting appointment with orthopedist to get permanent cast and insurance adjuster to discuss the damage to bike and gear.

First thought: Damn lucky I didn't do anything bad to my just healed chest
Second thought: Damn, no riding again until wrist is healed
Third thought: Great riding gear saved this stupid ass
Forth thought: Need quite some new riding gear ... shit ...
Fifth thought: hopefully the bike isn't totaled, I was nearly done farkling

Last thought: Hopefully 2013 will be a better year.


  1. Mensch, Guido! Wir lesen das gerade und sind noch ganz geschockt. Hoffentlich ist innen drin noch alles heil, das war auch unser erster Gedanke.
    2012 war wohl wirklich nicht Dein Jahr. Wir wünschen Dir von hier aus alles Liebe und ganz schnelle gute Besserung!!!
    Vielleicht wird Dir ja das Shoppen nach neuer Ausrüstung die Wartezeit verkürzen. LG Sonja&Roland

  2. Crap man. First the heart surgery and when you finally get to get back on the bike a deer hits you.

    Sorry to hear of it, but sure am glad you weren't hurt worse. Good thing you wear ATGATT.

    Here is to 2013 being a better year for you.

  3. What the? Glad you're okay aside from a broken arm/wrist and a few bumps and bruises. Looks like you're as tough as the Tiger, I've heard that as long as the frame isn't scratched they shouldn't total it. The crash bars and your riding gear took the brunt of it. Good for you on ATGATT.

  4. Guido:

    OH NO! that's all I can say.

    This is worse than having a pristine bike sitting there while you were healing the first time. I know you are very meticulous and everything has to be "just so", with all the "right" parts and accessories.

    the main thing is that you are okay, breathing and will live to ride another day. I know . . . "more waiting"

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  5. Thanks all for the good wishes. Sorry to write only one response, typing with the left is really slow ...

    The Tiger should be repairable from what I have seen - but you never know with hidden damage. Let's hope for the best. Barkbuster handguards and engine guards have very likely prevented the total loss.

  6. Nächstes Jahr wird alles besser!

    Und alles Gute für Dich und den Tiger!

  7. ATGATT - that's not luck! Too bad about the scars ... but look at it this way you have time to sort out repairs and new geat while the wrist heals. Here's to a much smoother 2013.

  8. Oh my! I was just catching up on posts after a busy weekend. Glad that you didn't injure yourself even worse. How long after the cast is off can you get back on the bike?

    1. Very good question, it takes me about 20 minutes to get home from the doc's office ... The main question is whether I'll have a bike then. I'll know more hopefully tomorrow or Thursday.