16 September 2012

Wine Country - Three Day Ride

Again, I'm about two weeks late with writing. Over the first September weekend, a long weekend with Monday being a holiday, we took off North this time. We hadn't been anywhere beyond San Francisco with the bikes together before and therefore it was about time to explore that area a bit more.

Saturday started super early as we wanted to be through SF and over the Golden Gate Bridge before the "normal" traffic started. Weather was so so, chilly here in the South Bay, cloudy on the way up the Peninsula, foggy in San Francisco and North on Highway 1. Nevertheless, it's always an experience going over Golden Gate Bridge, the first time on a bike for Andrea.

We didn't stop until it warmed up a bit and we were along the coast. I'm not totally clear where this photo was taken, but very likely somewhere around Bodega Bay.

Somewhere on HW1, North of SF

Tiger Tamer

GS Tamer

"The Bird" (we were near Bodega Bay where the movie was filmed)

Lunch break along the coast

Enjoying the great weather

The route was basically just going North on Highway 1 up to Point Arena where we took a look at the Lighthouse (they wanted $7 per vehicle to get closer so we decided it's not worth it, took some photos and were off again).

Point Arena Lighthouse

Near Point Arena we turned East and headed over to Ukiah on some seriously twisty roads. Very nice riding, not much traffic, most of the traffic actually pulled over and let us pass. Thanks for this, if you ever read this!

We finished this day with a dinner in a small diner in Ukiah where we stayed in a Best Western Hotel. Dinner was a monstrous Chef Salad for Andrea, and a reasonably sized steak for me. Both were excellent.

Dinner in Ukiah

Enjoying myself with a glass of wine after a long day

During the next day (Sunday) we explored a little bit of wine country, of course we didn't do any wine tasting and we stayed far away from the typical tourist roads, and so it was an excellent day on the road. Just very, very hot.

East Shore of Clear Lake

At the spot you see in the photo above on the shore of Clear Lake there were mosquitos the size of small cars. They tried to carry us away as soon as we stopped, tried to force their way into luggage, helmets, gloves, wherever. Wow, they were annoying. It was a very short stop ... makes me rethink the idea of a lake shore property - I'd rather settle for something at the coast. Cold but free of mosquitos.

Another lake along the way

From Sunday to Monday we stayed in a Hampton Inn in Rohnert Park where we got a decent room and a very good breakfast for a reasonable price - even over the long weekend.

Next day brought us back to the coast where we finally found the famous home from "The Birds":

Potter Schoolhouse, Bodega, CA

Along with the church that can be seen in the same movie:

Saint Teresa of Avila Church, Bodega

Making perfectly clear who's allowed to park here

The rest of Monday was riding home - South on Highway 1 again, over Golden Gate Bridge (make sure to have $6 per vehicle in cash), through San Francisco, then again on HW 1 along the coast to HW84, quick coffee at Alice's Restaurant, and home.

It was a great trip and we had loads of fun again.

Btw: I'm thinking of creating a page (and subpages) where I put all the GPS routes I recorded on these days. These could be downloadable and could be used as a base for trips. Is there any interest in that? Leave a comment!

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