09 September 2012

Going Down the Coast - Day 3

The last day of our three day trip started in Cambria and went up along Highway 1. The morning was chilly and foggy, but when we got further North it cleared up a bit.

We still had the some fog.

Highway 1

We had decided to ride Nacimiento-Ferguson Road back inland towards 101 and come back through Carmel Valley Road to finish the ride on 1 and 17 towards home.

It was a great decision as Nacimiento-Fergusion is beautiful, coast side as well as inland and Carmel Valley Rd. is a motorcyclists dream. Not too slow, not too fast, twisty and fun.

Surreal Lighting on Nacimiento-Ferguson

I want one of these on my bike! Only way to teach car drivers.

Tank and Tiger.

"Pull here to eject driver."

Overall it was a super nice trip. We had lots of fun, some burning behinds, but overall it was just plain great.

Things to say about the trip:

  1. Book in advance if you're going to wine country during summer vacation time.
  2. Bring CamelBaks - it's easy 40 degrees Celsius over the day inland.
  3. Bring warm clothes for along the coast.
Things to say about the bikes:
  1. Same as last time: seats could be better, though Andrea had a sheep skin which seemed to help.
  2. Oil the chain before getting out of the motorcycle pants, the knee pads are great when doing something low to the ground. Did I mention that I hate chains?
  3. The F650GS can be ridden without working tachometer - though it doesn't help.
  4. The triple settles more and more over time and produces less vibration.
  5. Hard luggage is ordered, so we have an easier time leaving the bikes alone when sight seeing.
Things to say about riding and riding skills:
  1. It's unbelievable how quickly Andrea's riding experience has improved. We were sometimes going at a really good pace! We now have nearly the same travel pace.
  2. Days between 300 and 500km (~180 to 300 miles) on backroads are pretty decent.
  3. Long days still require adjustments to us and the bikes. Working on that though.
It was an awesome trip and there are more to come! I still have to report from our trip to the wine country and the coast North of San Francisco and will do this over the next few days.


  1. What nice crisp pictures in the beginning of your day.
    There is something about putting a tiger in the tank whispering in the back of my head. But not sure they had a Triumph and an actual tank in mind. I like the idea of using the cannon on stupid drivers. Definitely worth thinking about adding this farkle.

    1. Even just a paint gun on bikes would help! You would be warned when cars were overly "colorful" ... :-)

  2. I am glad you two had such a great moto-trip. Being married to or having your significant other as your riding partner is just the best. I think Sonja would be inclined to agree too.

    I laugh at your paint gun comment as our saturday morning coffee group of riders is always trying to figure out how they could mount them and think the same thing. All the colors on the cars would act as warning to the rest of us.

    1. Yes. Having a riding partner is great. So nice to spend time together with a shared hobby. I like the paint gun idea more and more.

  3. Beautiful photo of the fog along Hwy 1. Shots like this sometimes make me miss living in CA but then I remember my hour long commutes and the crowds. Though it looks like you really found some wonderful areas.

    I don't know about the paint guns. It works both ways....

    1. I would hopefully attract less paint on the bike than most car drivers I see here. The ones that have no idea how to turn left / right / go straight through an intersection, have no idea about order and right of way, have no clue to signal when changing lanes or going into exits or shopping malls, and so on. I have never seen so many bad drivers in my life than here in the Bay Area.

      On the other hand: I have a 10 minute commute by car / motorcycle or 25 minutes by pedal bike - I can't complain. And the weather is mostly nice enough to take the pedal bike.

      Our goal on these trips is to find the roads that are not for "getting from A to B as quick as possible", but the older connectors, the small backroads, the ones mainly locals and nobody else uses. And it seems to work out great!