08 September 2012

Going Down the Coast - Day 2

It's been crazy. Lot's of work. Lot's of general craziness. Therefore I'm not days behind with my posts, I'm actually trips behind.

As I still have too much work and not enough, I'm keeping the next posts a bit shorter but at least I'll try to get them all out ...

After staying in San Luis Obispo for the night, we decided to ride inland in the area, just explore the local small backroads and to be back at the coast for the night. As it was Sunday we figured it shouldn't be a problem to find a room for the night and did not book in advance.

Pozo Rd - it was about 40 degrees Celsius or so

We continued on, although we turned around when the road became a small dirt road with loose rocks and some deeper gravel. Didn't want to drop the bikes and we plain don't have the dirt riding experience to just go on an unknown road.

When we continued on, we found these little guys ...


On the right: Black

There were super cute. First they were careful but also very curious. Slowly the brown donkey came over and sniffed my hand and of course, a friendship started right there.

Super friendly!

Typical donkey - loves to get the ears scratched

The grey one was a bit more careful, did more sniffing and (very careful) nibbling on my jacket. I think he liked me in the end though.

Careful nibbling on my jacket

After spending about 20 minutes or so in the incredible heat with the three donkeys, we desperately needed air flow from riding again, so we reluctantly moved on.

We headed towards the coast and took some loops there, too, and found some really incredible small backroads that were sooooo much fun. And virtually no traffic.

Santa Rosa Creek Road - Very beautiful

Much better temperatures here ...

Our preferred type of road

Andrea having fun ...

We arrived at the coast again in Cambria and found a nice room in a motel there. As we hadn't properly celebrated our 10 years anniversary the night before we decided to find a good restaurant and get an appropriate dinner. We found "Robin's", a restaurant in Cambria that also has life music on the weekends.

They had an international cuisine, very nicely done as you can see.


Main course - possibly the best duck I ever had

Cheese and dessert

And we got even some Espresso! It was really delicious and I can only recommend the restaurant. We sat outside, it was a beautiful evening, the music was great (celtic music, think Loreena McKennitt), the food incredible and the wine was very tasteful, too.

It was a very fitting evening!


  1. Cute donkeys. You could just have strapped them on to the bike. Maybe they would have liked the breeze of the ride.
    The food looks quite eclectic, and was - I am sure - divine. You must have had a wonderful time.

    'Man gönnt sich ja sonst alles' springs to mind. You deserve it all.

    1. I figure they would have enjoyed a side car more ...;-) Which brings up the next question: if goggles for dogs are called doggles, are googles for donkeys then donkels?

      As said, the food was excellent and I can only recommend the place!

  2. That is awesome that you got to stop and pet the donkeys. Is that like stopping to smell the roses? Either way it looked like fun except for the high temperatures anyway.

    I am glad you found a wonderful little restaurant to celebrate your anniversary.

  3. Hi, what screen is that you're using on the tiger?

    1. That's a Palmer screen from the UK. They do ship to the US as well. Similar concept to the Madstad, just a bit smaller and less ugly.