04 July 2012

Riding Again

After I was so frustrated when hurting my back 10 days ago just before we wanted to go for a longer motorcycle ride, we were out last Sunday (not really worth mentioning) and I was out alone today.

Today I really took the Tiger through the wringer. Did some of my absolute favorite roads, through the Santa Cruz Mountains and along the coast. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the weather at the coast was foggy again, but so what ... I'll put up some photos anyways.

First though, here's the route:

Santa Cruz Mountains - 04.07.2012
I went into the Mountains on Page Mill Road, then over to Alice for breakfast, down on HW84, a quick connector to HW1, up again on Bonny Doon Road, 236 through Big Basin State Park, HW9 and back home.

Fog at the coast

Tiger in the Fog

Tiger Gazing at the Beach

I didn't take a lot of photos as this was just about riding again. Enjoyed a few hours of twisty fun, then headed home to my lovely wife again.


  1. Ah, the Santa Cruz Mountain twisties, very therapeutic, for body, bike and soul. Glad, you're back in the saddle.

  2. Yes, and this is a very, very nice loop. 202km overall. Most of it curvy, nice, not too much traffic.

  3. I am glad you were able to get out for a longer ride. It looks like a nice loop.

    I don't know about the California Coast but here in Oregon 90% of the time we are over that way it is foggy and misting.

    The Tiger looks like he wants to go play on the beach.

    1. Here it's mainly in the summer months when it is warm inland and still fairly cool at the coast so that the temperature difference sucks in the moisture / fog. Normally it's nice in the mornings though. I was just late. And - you can never really tell in advance of course.

      I bet the Tiger wants to play in the sand, but not with these tires, no way. I don't think I'll ever willingly take this bike into some loose stuff off-road (sand or mud).